Shanghai Zoo

Shanghai Zoo used to be called Xijiao Zoo. It is the old zoo in Shanghai. It is not as big as the Shanghai Wild Animal Park. Adults even will feel very tired when they play in the Shanghai Wild Animal Park. The Shanghai Zoo is medium in size and it is very cost effective and worth a visit! The only downside is that there are too few parking spaces, so you need to find a parking space nearby, and it will cost 50 yuan for half a day to parking. However, the traffic is really convenient now. When you take the high-speed train, you can get off at Shanghai Hongqiao station, and transfer to Metro Line 10, and take three-stop stations to the Shanghai Zoo. Next to the subway exit it is the entrance to the zoo.

It is especially suitable for you to take with children (2-3 years old children) to play in Shanghai Zoo. It is recommended to bring your own cart or rent a small cart so that adults will not feel too tired. The whole journey in Shanghai Zoo is basically an outdoor visit, so spring and autumn season are more suitable to play there. It is not suitable for you to go there during the rainy days and hot days. During Spring season, there will be so many catkins, and do remember to wear masks. The Shanghai Zoo is a large park with a full range of animals and it will be a very satisfying itinerary.

Shanghai Zoo is really a good place to take children to see animals. The zoo environment is very good, there are many animals, and there are many varieties, including wild tigers, lions, wolves, and your children will like them, and they will have a lot of harvest, will be very happy to play there. But it is recommended to take with your own dry food, because the snacks in the zoo are very expensive!

Overall, it is still very good attraction to have a visit. There are quite a lot of animals, and your mood will be really much better after watching the animals. There are many people, and it is recommended not to go to the Shanghai Zoo on holidays.

Shanghai Wild Animal Park

Take Subway Line 16 to Exit 1 of Shanghai Wild Animal Park Station and walk for about 15 minutes to Shanghai Wild Animal Park. The team waiting for the tour bus is particularly long. It is recommended to go there early and bring the umbrella, because a large amount of garbage falls from time to time during the queue. If the weather is good, you will feel the animals very cute.

It is best to book tickets online in advance before you go to the Shanghai Wild Animal Park, as there are discounts; it is best to bring some food, because there is no nothing to eat in front of the entrance of the scenic area, there are only a few restaurants inside, but there will be very few options for you to eat and it is not delicious but also very expensive; the ticket of the Shanghai Wild Animal Park only contains the ticket to the beast area. To take the battery tour bus needs to buy another ticket. If you want to feed animals in the beast area, you should take the bus which has barbed wire and buy another ticket. In Shanghai Wild Animal Park, the tail-tailed lemurs are completely open to view on the island. If they take out the food, they will jump around and even jump on the body. If they jump on the body, just don’t grab them, wait for them to go down; as if you catch them, they will be nervous and bite them. If you only watch animals, half a day is enough. If you want to watch a circus, or if your children want to interact with animals, it will take a day. Compared to the zoo in the city, the environment of the Shanghai Wild Animal Park is much better, and you can be closer to the animals and it is good to take the children to play there.

On the whole, Shanghai Wild Animal Park is Shanghai’s largest place to see animals. There are so many animals inside, and some people need a day to finish visiting there. There are fierce beasts inside, and there are gentle animals that can be fed also.

Jinmao Tower

Jinmao Tower is located in the Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone, which is 420.5 meters high, and it is second only to the Shanghai Tower and the World Financial Center. It is the third tallest building in Shanghai. The 88-story Sightseeing Hall is one of Shanghai’s famous high-altitude viewing platforms, and the night view is particularly charming. Going to the Jinmao Tower to view the scenery in the evening, you can see the enchanting sunset when the weather is good. There is a glass walkway outside the 88th floor, which is 340.6 meters high from the ground, with a total length of about 60 acres and a width of 1.2 meters. It is the world’s tallest outer walkway without guardrails. Everyone can go to Lujiazui to go to the Jinmao Tower to have a visit. The cost of the sightseeing hall here is much more affordable than the other buildings.

Jinmao Tower has the most distinctive exterior architecture. Jinmao Tower is once the tallest building in Shanghai. Even if it is not the highest, it is still one of the three tallest buildings in Shanghai. With the other two tallest buildings standing together, they are three large columns. There is also a viewing hall in Jinmao Tower, but it takes courage to look down from the height to the bottom of the building, because it is too high, and the speed of 9 floors per second is really fast. After arriving at the 88th floor, through the glass windows outside the building, you can overlook the Lujiazui area and overlook the whole scenery of Shanghai, including the buildings of Huangpu River, the Oriental Pearl Tower, and the Financial Center.

From the Lujiazui subway station, you can walk to this tall building on foot. The shopping environment inside the Jinmao Tower is also very good, and people will not be too many, but the consumer prices are quite high.

Jinmao Tower is a landmark building in Shanghai Pudong, and it is a tall building. In terms of the price-performance, it is good and worth playing.

Oriental Pearl TV Tower

The Oriental Pearl TV Tower is located in Lujiazui, Pudong, Shanghai. The tower is 468 meters high and is divided into three spheres. There are space capsules, rotating restaurants and Galleria. The 50-meter-high ball is the main sightseeing layer. The middle ball at a height of 259 meters is the 259m transparent observatory. At 350 meters in height, the capsule shows the sci-fi glamour of the space scene. This is Shanghai’s iconic building, and it is a must-see attraction for every visitor to Shanghai. In addition to the unique features of the building, there is also the City History Museum, which tells the past of Shanghai’s urban development and gives you a more detailed understanding of Shanghai’s past.

Against the backdrop of blue sky and white clouds, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower looks extraordinarily enchanting. The Oriental Pearl TV Tower is more majestic when it is seen from Pudong River. On the observation deck in Puxi, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower and some buildings in Lujiazui have a lot of beauty together.

Standing on the top, looking down at the Huangpu River, you will feel that it is very beautiful, and the entire Pudong River has a panoramic view, and the surrounding financial buildings are full of urban sense.

The traffic to the Oriental Pearl TV Tower is very convenient, you can just take the subway from Nanjing Road. Compared with other buildings, Oriental Pearl TV Tower has more oriental charm.

The Oriental Pearl TV Tower is one of Shanghai’s iconic cultural landscapes. It was built in July 1991 and put into use in May 1995. It is responsible for six sets of wireless TV which are launched in Shanghai with a radius of 80 kilometers. The Oriental Pearl TV Tower is the first batch of AAAAA-level tourist attractions in the country. In 1995, it was listed as one of the top ten new landscapes in Shanghai.

In Shanghai, it is worth visiting Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower. The night view of Shanghai is really beautiful. It is recommended to watch Shanghai during the day on the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, and then take a cruise on the Huangpu River to see the amazing night scene at night!

Shanghai World Financial Center

Shanghai World Financial Center is located at No. 100, Pudong Avenue, Lujiazui, Shanghai. After you go out of the Exit 6 of Metro Line 2, you can turn right and walk about 500 meters to reach the World Financial Center. Tickets of the Shanghai World Financial Center can be bought at the first-floor lobby, but it will be cheaper and more convenient if you book the tickets online and take the ticket there. Then you can take the high-speed elevator directly to the 97F sightseeing bridge whose height is 439 meters and looks like a floating bridge in the sky. Walking on the bridge as if walking in the sky, the open glass roof design allows you to look up at the sky while breathing fresh air. And the blue sky and white clouds seem to be within reach. People and nature are here to melt together.

The 100-story sightseeing hall is 472 meters high and is about 55 meters long. It is the highest sightseeing facility in the world. The corridor has three transparent glass floors. The scenery in the high position is really good. From the transparent glass at the foot, you can see the moving vehicles. And from the transparent glass windows on both sides, you can clearly overlook the beautiful scenery of the Pujiang River.

For the first time taking the elevator to the 94th story of Shanghai World Financial Center, you will feel the speed of the elevator is amazing, which is about one second for one floor. Taking the elevator will feel like taking an airplane, as the ears will be a little uncomfortable. On the 94th floor, the night view of Shanghai is particularly beautiful, and you can see boats flowing on the Huangpu River and the lights of the Pearl Tower keep changing. The feeling of getting off the elevator is another experience, as it is the feeling of falling down at high speed, just likes the feeling of centrifugation, but it will slowly let you adapt at a hundred meters or so before falling again!

Shanghai World Financial Center is much higher than Jinmao Tower. In general, it is really worthy your visit.

Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center

Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center is located in Shanghai People’s Square, which is east of the municipal government. It was opened in 2000 and shows the achievements of Shanghai’s urban planning and construction development till 2020. It is an AAAA scenic spot, whose ticket is for 30 yuan per person. There are 5 floors above ground, and 2 floors underground, which can be visited from the bottom to the top. The exhibition is lively and interesting, which is reflecting Shanghai’s past, present and future. What impresses you the most is the protection of historical buildings. The theme is that the city makes life better! Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center is accessible by multiple subways. You can take Metro Lines 1#, 2# and 8# to get off at the People’s Square Station.

Compared with the surrounding high-rise buildings, Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center is extraordinarily petite. The most distinctive feature of the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center is the urban planning model. Although it is only a miniature model, it clones the largest economic, financial and trade center in China, not to mention its small and exquisite design, just the houses one by one, and the realistic roads have revealed the crystal clearness of Shanghai. The momentum can only be reflected in the urban planning plane three-dimensional model of the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center in the third floor. The entire Exhibition Center tells people the past, the present and the future of Shanghai and even China in different ways.

The Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center is a business card to understand the history of Shanghai’s development. The environment inside the planning Exhibition is clean and quiet, and it is a place for cultural dinners. During the statutory holidays, it is not open to the public. The five floors show in detail the yesterday, today and tomorrow of Shanghai’s urban development. In the 5th floor sightseeing hall, you can also enjoy coffee and appreciate the beauty around the People’s Square. The underground exit is a street that feels like the old Shanghai in the 1930s, from where you can enjoy the views of Shikumen, rickshaws, old teahouses, and trams.

Shanghai Old Street

Shanghai’s birthplace – Shanghai Old Street, is not very long, and the end of the street is the City God Temple. It is hard to imagine that Shanghai, an international metropolis, has developed here. There is still a distance between Suzhou and Huangpu River.

The Shanghai Old Street now looks like the street in the small County. It is very old, but there are some old shops there. “Wanyouquan”, which is a very famous shop on the Shanghai Old Street, offers the ham, bacon, sausage and so on, and they are very good and very delicious. The “LaoDaFang” is also an old shop. The residents on the street still keep old habits. The quilt and clothes are basking on the bamboo poles outside the window. The phenomenon of the Bund in the past is called the “WanGuoQi.” There are also some incense sticks, etc., but most of them are opened later. It used to be closed the “PoSiJiu” for a while. This is the western section of Shanghai Old Street. There is also an archway at the western end. It is more stylish than that of in the east. This section is more about handicrafts and collectibles, such as jade beeswax bracelets, etc. Of course, there are also noodle stores, clothing stores, etc. after you go to the west, you need go back a small section of the road, because going to the City God Temple need go in from the small alley that just passed. The scenery seen at this time is a contrast, as it is classical and modern coexistence. From the small alley, you can go to the core area of the City God Temple. There are quite a few local specialty shops here.

Shanghai Old Street is relatively quiet in the setting sun. In the busy Shanghai, it is more suitable for people to live in the Shanghai Old Street. The building is very characteristic, and it is relatively close to the city god temple, where the old temple gold and silver building is very famous, and you can go shopping there!

Old City God Temple

Being one of the three major temples of the Yangtze River, the Old City God Temple Hall is a large southern building with red walls and mud. Now the main building in the temple consists of the Temple Front Square, the Great Hall, the Yuanchen Hall, the Fortuna Hall, the Cihang Hall, the Chenghuang Hall and the Niangniang Hall. If you catch up with the temple fair, it will be very lively. Shanghai Old City God Temple is located in the Chenghuang Temple Tourist Area in Huangpu District. It is an important Taoist temple in Shanghai. It is a special place in the Shanghai area due to the Shanghai City Gods worshipped in the Shanghai City God Temple.

At night, the Shanghai City God Temple is crowded, and rows of temple buildings are filled with snack shops, specialty shops and some convenience stores. Some temple buildings are five or six stories high. Under surrounded by these yellow lights, the fragrance of various snacks makes people hesitate to choose the snacks to taste.

There are a lot of food in the food street, there are two layers of snack shops, which offer bamboo rice, Cantonese snacks, fried rice, etc., but some people feel that the taste is generally not so authentic in Shanghai. And do remember that don’t eat full at just one snack shop, because only then can you slowly fill yourself with food and enjoy the taste buds they bring to you.

Shanghai City God Temple has been dating back more than 600 years. It has been built since the Ming Dynasty and has experienced many vicissitudes in the modern times. Many costume dramas will also mention it. The distinctive buildings are dazzling with the lighting.

Tips: opening hours for City God Temple Lunar New Year’s Day: 15: 05:00-16:30; pedestrian street is open all day. Don’t miss it if you like to enjoy the lively City God Temple.

Shanghai Xintiandi

Shanghai Xintiandi was originally a whole piece of ancient Shikumen building. After being rebuilt, the restaurant, bar, clothing store, etc. are stationed. It is suitable for taking photos here during the day, as the brick wall is the best photo background, and one side of the road is also covered with dense sycamore trees, no matter how many times you have visited there, people can’t help but stop to enjoy themselves there. At night, the lights of the bar are lit up, everyone is sitting outdoors, drinking and listening to songs, and it has become the best nightlife in Shanghai, and is the best place to go at night. If you want to go to the nightclub for carnival, there are a lot of choices around.

Here are some shops that is 100 meters away from Xintiandi and are worthy your visit for around 1-5 people during 15:00 to 20:00.

1, Pinnanzhu shop at Zizhong Road, No. 355, which is a very fine shop, mainly for jewelry and living utensils. Everything has a story there, and they are classical and exquisite. If you are lucky, you can sit down and drink tea. The staff are especially tender. His home is in the old buildings of Shanghai, where it is the former residence of Mr. Huang Binhong! If you want to go to Shikumen, you can go directly to Pinnanzhu to feel it!

2, Xingzuo Bar at Zizhong Road No. 398, which basically only serves the rich people near the bar, the environment is very good, the staff are super nice, chatting with the clerk may be able to get the old guests’ hidden wine list, and it is very delicious!

3, Pincai shop at Danshui Road No. 246, which is very low-key online famous shop, and Western food and afternoon tea are available there. You can drink wine at night. The decoration is very retro, the small table facing the street is very comfortable, and the afternoon tea is very good, and the shop is very quiet. Once you calm down, the mood will come out. It is highly recommended that anyone who don’t like to go those big famous shops in Xintiandi go to these three places.

Shanghai Tower

Shanghai Tower is worthy of being the tallest building in China. It looks tall and handsome when you are below it, and looks beautiful and spectacular when you are on it. However, everyone must pay attention to it that it is not necessary to have a staff member to send a small ticket after entering the elevator. However, it must be remembered that at the top floor, there will be a staff member who will ask you for a small ticket, and then make a photo album for you, which costs 200 Yuan for 6 pieces of photos. Do not spend such money, as the photos taken with your mobile phone camera are much better than the real ones.

Before your trip to Shanghai, you may hesitate about which building to go to, finally you will choose the highest Shanghai Tower. And it worthies it. You can choose to enter Shanghai Tower around 16:30 p.m., in order not to miss the sunset. Then you can the night scene at the same time. It’s also very pleasant to watch the panorama on the 118th floor.

The ticket collection process will go smoothly. After the ticket is collected by the verification code machine, there are many pictures of the world skyscrapers for you. Here, like the Skytree in Japan, there is also a souvenir shop after you reach the top floor. If your tickets are B1+118+119 floors, then the 119-story sightseeing platform can be reached from the B1 sightseeing hall with an elevator of 18 meters per second for 55 seconds. The elevator is a closed type of normal elevator, the speed is fast but steady, and basically you will have no feeling when taking it.

The night view of the Shanghai Tower is really great! Standing on the top of Shanghai, you can see the panoramic view of Shanghai from day to night. During the day, Shanghai is a bit foggy due to the weather. When the sun falls a little, the lights of the high-rise buildings open a little, the night falls, and the whole Shanghai is brightly lit. You will praise its beauty, its prosperity, its luxury, as it is a city that never sleeps.