Ocean Park Hong Kong

Ocean Park Hong Kong is one of the most popular attractions in Hong Kong, which has attracted so many tourists coming here for visit every day. After you enter into the park, you can visit the Grand Aquarium, then take the cable car up the mountain directly through Hong Kong Old Street (not recommended to take the cable car down the mountain, as many people line up). After going to the mountain, after playing all the projects on the mountain (including the jellyfish hall and the ocean theater), finally take the ocean train down the mountain to play the rest projects in the downhill. Special note: don’t miss the Dolphin show at the Ocean Theater on the mountain. There are four performances every day, respectively at 11:30, 14:00, 15:30, 17:00, and it is best to go there in advance, otherwise there will be a lot of people, and you can only sit in the back row.

Being one of the world’s top 10 aquariums, The Grand Aquarium has the world’s largest ornamental dome and super giant viewing screen to let you witness more than 5,000 precious fish! There is also the world’s first 360-degree water curtain, featuring the “Shuanglong Romance” with great audiovisual shock! There are many recreational projects in the Sea World. The aquarium hall for watching a variety of fish and marine life, and it usually attracts a lot of tourists. After you enter into the Sea World, you don’t need to buy another ticket. The transportation is also very convenient. There are direct buses in Central Station. You can buy tickets at the subway station first. The whales, sharks and other animals in the aquarium are fierce. Of course, there will be the jellyfish exhibition. The different jellyfish are in the columnar glass jar and there are so beautiful under the reflection of the dazzling lights. It is worthwhile to see such a variety of jellyfish at a time. Children will especially like the exhibition here, and here they will increase their knowledge.

Ocean Park Hong Kong is a great theme park for family tour. The scenery on the mountain is very good. You can see the Repulse Bay. It is another feeling when you look at the scenery while playing various roller coasters.

Victoria Harbour

Victoria Harbour is Hong Kong’s iconic attraction. There are many high-rise buildings on both sides. They seem to rise from the sea and follow the mountain. It can be said that all the longing for the prosperous world in the eyes of the people of an era is included here in Victoria Harbour. It is very good value for money. After you go shopping in Hong Kong for a day and then go to the boat for dinner, you will feel it very enjoyable. Then you can take a boat to watch the riverside scenery when the lights are bright, and don’t forget to take a few photos to keep the commemoration when you are eating and watching the night views. In general, your trip in the Victoria Harbour will be very convenient and rich.

Everyone who make a travel to Hongkong should go to Victoria Harbour to have a visit as the night scene there is super exciting, and there are so many international people of all kinds gathering there. A common weekend seems to be a holiday in Victoria Harbour. The scenery on both sides of the strait is too awesome. You will feel it very beautiful when you are looking at Tsim Sha Tsui at the Central Pier. And it is also beautiful and spectacular when you are viewing the Central Pier in the Tsim Sha Tsui. When you arrive at Wan Chai, it is still infinite beautiful scenery. The best place to enjoy the scenery of both sides is on the Star Ferry.

The bustling Victoria Harbour has witnessed the twists and turns of Hong Kong’s development. Although the sky is a bit gloomy, you can still see the observation deck in the distant Victoria Peak. If you go there in the off-season, people are not as crowded as in summer. Walking along the beach, feeling the cool sea breeze blowing, you will be in a good mood. Being one of the three most beautiful night scenes in the world, Victoria Harbour is beautiful from every angle. In Victoria Harbour, you can see a lot of well-known high-rise buildings such as the Bank of China Tower, the IFC, the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, and the Avenue of Stars and the Star Ferry. It is worthy of your visit.

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

Hong Kong Disneyland is quite worth visiting. The environment is very good and very clean, and the role doll is very vivid, and the staffs there are friendly. In addition, the theme park buildings are like a row of shops near the castle, which are worth taking pictures. The game facilities are also suitable for people of different ages, so you can go there with your family and your friends, which are pretty good. And many places are suitable for taking photos. You can’t use the selfie stick in the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, but you can find other tourists to help you take pictures. There are more theaters or outdoor performances on weekends than on weekdays. If it rains, there is no night light and shadow parade and fireworks display. As for eating, you can buy a package online, exchange on the spot before entering the Disneyland.

Hong Kong Disneyland is not big. If you travel there by avoiding the holidays, you can basically play all the projects in one day. Some funny projects can be played several times. Picking a sunny day to take pictures in Disneyland is even better. At 10 o’clock in the morning, you should line up at the gate, and take the map and performance schedule table on the right-hand side of the entrance. After entering the gate, take a trip on the Disneyland Railroad and start picking the favorite projects one by one. Since the distance between each project is close, there is no need to run a lot of roads and it is funnier to play there. Although the Disneyland is small, there are a lot of entertainment projects, you can play it all day without regret!

When I don’t go to the Hong Kong Disneyland, I always thought that Disney was just a playground and it’s nothing special. You won’t think Disney is just a playground after you visit there. The theme of each venue is clear, and the theme and the play are perfectly combined, and the level of each performance is very high, and you will feel very shocking. If you bring children there, you can also give them a lot of knowledge. The lantern parade in the evening is also really super invincible and beautiful. In short, Hong Kong Disney is really worth a visit!

Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak, Hong Kong’s premier tourist destination, not only has spectacular views, full of shopping and dining fun, but also has a number of unique must-see attractions to bring you a diverse travel experience, allowing you to experience Hong Kong’s life culture.

To climb to the top of the Victoria Peak, taking one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious Peak Tram is definitely an unforgettable experience! The entire railway is towed by steel cables, and the train climbs from 28 meters above sea level to 396. Meters (about 1,300 feet), and passengers can overlook the Victoria Harbour along the way. Sitting in the carriage, the body could not help but lean backwards. The slope of some sections ranges from 4 to 27 degrees! The tall buildings and the dense trees seem to fall to the side, and you will feel it wonderful!

Designed by the famous British architect Terry Farrel, the Peak Tower is the unique bowl shape. It is a must-see destination for sightseeing, entertainment and shopping. Its appearance is widely used by millions of postcards and photos around the world.

On the Hong Kong’s highest 360-degree viewing platform, the Peak Tower skyscraper 428, it is a visual experience that allows you to stand on the invincible viewing platform at an altitude of 428 meters, which is the most advantageous location in Hong Kong, you will be intoxicated. In addition, The Peak Tower has a campsis grandiflora Gallery. The giant panels showcase the precious photos of Hong Kong in the early days and return to the past to experience the changes in Hong Kong.

It is recommended that you buy tickets online in advance, you can save the queue time, and it is recommended to take the cable car up the mountain and take the bus down the mountain (because the queue team going down the mountain is more horrible than that of climbing the mountain, and to experience two different modes of transportation, you will find the scenery along the way is also different). In addition, when you take the cable car, you should sit on the right-hand side of the mountain. You can see the high-rise buildings in Central along the way. The left seat shows the mountain view. After all, it’s on the mountain. The top floor observation deck is quite cold at night. Remember to bring a jacket to keep warm.