Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

Hong Kong Disneyland is quite worth visiting. The environment is very good and very clean, and the role doll is very vivid, and the staffs there are friendly. In addition, the theme park buildings are like a row of shops near the castle, which are worth taking pictures. The game facilities are also suitable for people of different ages, so you can go there with your family and your friends, which are pretty good. And many places are suitable for taking photos. You can’t use the selfie stick in the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, but you can find other tourists to help you take pictures. There are more theaters or outdoor performances on weekends than on weekdays. If it rains, there is no night light and shadow parade and fireworks display. As for eating, you can buy a package online, exchange on the spot before entering the Disneyland.

Hong Kong Disneyland is not big. If you travel there by avoiding the holidays, you can basically play all the projects in one day. Some funny projects can be played several times. Picking a sunny day to take pictures in Disneyland is even better. At 10 o’clock in the morning, you should line up at the gate, and take the map and performance schedule table on the right-hand side of the entrance. After entering the gate, take a trip on the Disneyland Railroad and start picking the favorite projects one by one. Since the distance between each project is close, there is no need to run a lot of roads and it is funnier to play there. Although the Disneyland is small, there are a lot of entertainment projects, you can play it all day without regret!

When I don’t go to the Hong Kong Disneyland, I always thought that Disney was just a playground and it’s nothing special. You won’t think Disney is just a playground after you visit there. The theme of each venue is clear, and the theme and the play are perfectly combined, and the level of each performance is very high, and you will feel very shocking. If you bring children there, you can also give them a lot of knowledge. The lantern parade in the evening is also really super invincible and beautiful. In short, Hong Kong Disney is really worth a visit!

Nanxun Watertown

Nanxun, the low-key luxury Jiangnan ancient town, does not have a strong commercial atmosphere, and it is quiet and bleak. When you are walking in the ancient town slowly, it is just like walking in the painting. Whether it is sunny or rainy, day or night, you can easily lock the beautiful scenery with the lens, only to sigh that how time flies. Nanxun Watertown is located in Huzhou, Zhejiang, and when you go there for the first time, you will be surprised by its rich content. It faintly guards the homeland and exudes a unique cultural taste that belongs to Nanxun without any decoration.

There are several options for arriving Nanxun Ancient Town by starting from Shanghai: 1. self-driving, which is the best and it is more convenient and easier, as the Shanghai-Ningbo Expressway is very good, you can directly reach the scenic spot. There is about 130 kilometers from Shanghai to Nanxun, and the driving time is less than 2 hours, which is the best driving mileage. 2, taking train from Shanghai Hongqiao high-speed rail to Huzhou, which will take about 2 hours, and the fare is 110 yuan. After you arrive in Huzhou, then take car to Nanxun scenic spot. Although taking train is not economical, it can be guaranteed in time. 3, taking bus, which is affordable, and there are a lot of buses from Shanghai to Nanxun bus station, and the fare is 50 yuan, which will take about 2 hours, and it is a relatively economical way of travel to Nanxun ancient town.

Nanxun has too many places to explore, and you need to be quiet, and appreciate the charm there patiently. Nanxun Ancient Town, unlike other ancient towns which are full of people, is not crowded here. Instead, what you can see is the old town residents sitting on the riverside steps to enjoy a leisurely day. This is the best way to play in the ancient town. The night view of the ancient town is also very beautiful. The towns with the colorful lights are awesome. You must take a boat trip to experience the beauty there.

Tiger Hill

Tiger Hill Tower is the world’s second leaning tower, and the first leaning tower in China. And the symbol of ancient Suzhou – “Yunyan Temple Tower”, commonly is known as “Tiger Hill Tower.” It was built in the sixth generation of Zhou Xiande after the Five Dynasties. It was completed in Song Jianlong’s second year and has a history of more than a thousand years. The tower is seven-story and has eight sides, with a tower height of 47.7 meters. The tower is inclined to the north-north direction of the northeast. Its tower top is 2.34 meters away from the center, and the maximum inclination angle is 3 degrees and 59 minutes. The Tiger Hill Tower is also known as the “Chinese pizza oblique tower”. Although you make your trip there in the hottest time, the Tiger Hill are breezy and the scenery is pleasant. It is worth a visit. It is a pity that you don’t visit Tiger Hill in Suzhou!

Although Suzhou Tiger Hill Scenic Area is a little far from the city center, there are many buses directly there. Suzhou Good Travel Line Bus also has a station at the entrance of the Tiger Hill Scenic Area. Tiger Hill’s Sword Pool is in the scenic area. It is said that it is the location of the cemetery of Yuewang. It is the core attraction of the scenic spot. It is necessary to purchase tickets to enter the garden. It is also convenient to book the ticket online in advance. It is worth taking a walk in the garden. The scenic spot is very large and it takes two to three hours to finish your visit there!

After you leave the Humble Administrator’s Garden, take the No.1 south line bus to the end of the Tiger Hill, and arrive at the south gate of Tiger Hill. Tickets of the Tiger Hill are 60 yuan. Tiger Hill is rich in culture, poetry and inscriptions can be seen everywhere, the design of the villas is whimsy, and the Bamboo Tea Garden adds a lot of color for the garden. The pagoda on the top of the mountain is the only remaining thousand-year-old leaning tower in China. It is recommended to visit the Tiger Hill for half a day.

Meijiawu Tea Plantation

Meijiawu is Meijiawu Tea Culture Village. It is located in the western hinterland of Hangzhou West Lake Scenic Area and in the south of Meiling Tunnel. It is more than ten miles deep along the sides of Meiling Road. Meijiawu is an ancient village with the history of more than 600 years. The ancient village is very beautiful.

Meijiawu is a good place to drink tea in Hangzhou. It is a little away from the West Lake and you may seem to be in the scenic spot. Meijiawu is a place where you can manage tea by a lot of tea villages, at the same time, it is a great place for leisure. There are some tea rooms built on the edge of the tea garden, so you can feel the life in the painting when you drink tea. If you are a young person, riding here is also a good experience.

If you go to Meijiawu in the winter, you can go straight up from Meijiawu, take the bus to Meijiawu Station, and go to the mountain from a memorial. Remember to watch the signposts of the martyrdom.

Meijiawu is the birthplace of Hangzhou West Lake Longjing. When the weather is good in the weekend of April, there are many people. Many people will come here for drinking tea. This is a pure land of the city. It has a long history of tea culture. The Yunqi Bamboo Trail here is definitely a good place to breathe oxygen. Sitting in the famous residence, soaking a cup of West Lake Longjing tea, you will find out that this is life.

When you arrive in Hangzhou, you must go to Meijiawu if you want to buy tea. The lush green terraces are filled with green tea leaves, with fresh fragrance. The old farmers say that the Longjing tea that makes fragrance from their hands is their specialty. People come here to see them handmade craftship, and then bring the tea back home.

Xitang Ancient Town

When you make a tour to Xitang Ancient Town, you can take a stroll through Xitang, shuttle between the shops under the bridge and the promenade, and enjoy the handicrafts made by folk artists on the spot. There are bamboo carvings, stone carvings, bone carvings, fabrics, straws, and embroidery, which are full of colors.

Xitang Ancient Town is equally popular during the day and night, and you will love the quietness of the day and love the bustle and hustle of the night. There are many shops along the river, which are selling creative gadgets. There are also many specialty snack shops, selling stinky tofu, ice cream, herbal tea, milk tea. And you can enjoy eating while walking in the interspersed alleys. There are many secret spots to be visited. When the night is coming, the bar street is noisy, the music is shocking, and if you like to have a drink, you must come and feel it.

The ancient town is full of quaint Inn and ancient houses of Ming and Qing Dynasties. Many people will choose to stay for one night and you can discuss with the boss to pick you up. Many of these accommodations need to bring you own toiletries, and the price increases are obvious on holidays and you must book in advance. In addition, there are many common modern hotels outside the scenic area.

When you come to Xitang Ancient Town, you should take a ride on the boat to experience the ancient town from the water. Especially at night, sitting on the boat and tasting the night view of Xitang, it is a pleasing thing. There is a cruise ship terminal in front of the main entrance of the scenic spot and in front of the Songzilaifeng Bridge.

There are nearly 100 stone bridges on the river channel in Xitang. Among them, Yongning Bridge is the best view point of Xitang, where you can see the beautiful scenery of the river crossing. In the morning, you can come here to take the photo of the quiet and simple water town style.

Tongli Ancient Town

There is no Zhouzhuang’s embarrassment, no Wuzhen’s atmosphere, but has a little more quietness and more delicacy. When you are facing the misty autumn rain in the south of the Yangtze River, slowing down your own pace, slowly going to visit the Tongli Ancient Town, there is a different taste!

The traffic is very convenient. There is a direct bus in the North Square of the railway station. The more flexible traffic is the Metro Line 4, which is connected to the 925 or 725 bus. The basic changes in the construction of the scenic spot are not big. Some of the logos are not the same as the past, and the performances stages are gone. The road near the bus station are particularly good, and the shops are much better than before. Tickets for Tongli Ancient Town is 80 Yuan, the attractions have not changed, the Tuisi Garden is worth seeing. And you can wait till 17:00 or 18:00 P.M. in the evening, when it is relatively quiet. And the boat near the bridge is also worth sitting, as it will be a very interesting experience.

There are still several old houses in the old streets of Tongli Ancient Town, some of which have been converted into inn and homestay. It is very pure, the scenery in the sunset is more beautiful, the riverside has a good taste, and the night view is beautiful, and there are some attractions, including Ming and Qing Street, Tailai Bridge, Third Bridge, Tuisi Garden, Pearl Tower and other attractions, but after 17:30 in the summer, the tickets are free. A lot of tourists more like the ancient town in the evening when compare to the scenery during the day. As the business taste is not so strong at night, the bar is very lively, the singing voice is very moving, and there are more wonderful performances in the evening, you feel very NICE.

To sum up, if you want to have a tour to the water town, Tongli ancient water town is your ideal choice, you will enjoy yourself there.

Wuzhen Water Town

When you make your trip to the Wuzhen Water Town, if you just go to the west bank, the ticket is 120 yuan/person, and the East Bank and West Bank coupons are 150 yuan. If you have enough time, you can go to have a visit on both East and West Bank. You can compare it. The West Bank can be played during the day or at night, different time has its own differences. After checking the ticket from the entrance of the scenic spot, after taking a short boat ride on the river, you will enter the West Bank from the dock. There is a scenic service center and a check-in counter nearby, which is very convenient.

You must arrange at least half a day of play time on West Bank. It takes more than an hour to look at some of the town buildings on the main street of West Bank. Going back to the pier will take at least two hours around the town waterway. Otherwise, it will be a quick walk to take exercise. When the weather is fine, it is recommended to take a local Ubud boat and watch the riverside buildings in Wuzhen on the water. At noon or in the evening, you can dine at the restaurants in Wuzhen. The price is very reasonable. You will feel it surprised to see such a delicious, high-quality and low-priced restaurant in the closed scenic spot. In short, Wuzhen is the most successful water town scenic spot for commercial development. It is highly recommended that you go to play there, and you can go there several times and stay at night there.

About Wuzhen, it must be a place that you don’t want to leave when you come, especially Wuzhen in the night like a classical beauty coming out of a painting, which is so beautiful and fascinating. But, well, the premise is that you better live in the west bank. The commercial atmosphere in Wuzhen is not very strong, the streets and houses are very primitive, and you will like the bridges here, like the small ink art here, like the ease here.

Zhouzhuang Water Town

Here are some travel guides for your tour to the Zhouzhuang Water Town:

Featured shopping

Zhenfeng Cultural Street: Selling Jiangnan handicrafts, including homespun, yellow wine, woodcut New Year pictures, bamboo art, etc. Most stores are closed at sunset.

Carton King theme creative park: all kinds of decorations and small objects in the store are made of paper, which is very characteristic. You will find that you can make so many fun things with just paper.

Yuanfengshun Wine Workshop: This winemaking process is ancestral. The raw materials are made from the unique glutinous rice in the water town. After a lot of complicated procedures, you can get a drink. If you are interested, you can buy the wine there.

Qinglan Workshop: Hand-painted ceramic plate painting, most of the paintings are classical figures and images, which are elegant and chic, and they are quite charming.

Zhouzhuang Accommodation

If conditions permit, it is recommended to stay in the Zhouzhuang ancient town for one night to get a deeper understanding of this place. There are many inns in the ancient towns, most of which are located along the river and attached to the backyard. The environment is very good and quiet, and you can choose it according to your needs.

Zhouzhuang cuisine

When you come to Zhouzhuang, the snacks here can’t be missed. There are many special snack shops around the Zhengfeng Street and around the Shen Hall. Zhouzhuang’s snacks are very rich, and all kinds of cakes can also be found here. You can look for it while shopping.

Special Note

  1. If you take a tricycle from Zhouzhuang Water Town to the entrance, you need to explain the route and price. Sometimes there will be a situation where the driver will take the tourists to the ancient town and then increase the price.
  2. The boat tour along the town and the sculling boat experience in the scenic area is not the same activity. The ticket for boat tour along the town can be bought at the ticket office of the scenic spot. The ticket for the sculling boat experience in the scenic area needs to go to the dock to buy and then take the boat.

Seven Star Park

The Seven Star Scenic Area (National AAAA Grade Scenic Area) is located on the east bank of the Li River, which is 1.5 kilometers from the city center and covers an area of 134.7 hectares. It is named after Qixing Mountain and Qixing Cave. The Seven Star Park Scenic Area is the largest, the oldest and most comprehensive park in Guilin. The famous Qixing Cave is on the hillside of Mount Putuo. The cave is majestic and deep. The cave stalactites, stalagmites, stone pillars and stone sarcophagi are in a variety of poses and wonders. The boutique of Guilin’s landscape includes “three mountains, two caves and one river”, of which “two holes” refers to Qixing Cave and Reed Flute Cave. The Seven Star Scenic Area has a typical karst landscape, which integrates the beauty of mountains, water, caves and stone. The trees and flowers in the parks are in pieces. Whenever the golden autumn season comes, the osmanthus flowers in the park can be seen here and there, making the strange mountain and the clear water more beautiful and colorful. The environment is very good, the scenery is beautiful and you will feel your tour there pleasant.

The Seven Star Scenic Area is definitely worth visiting. There are seven-star karst caves. If there is no light inside, you will feel it terrified. And there is also a famous camel peak. The Seven Star Cave is worth a visit too, and the sound and light cooperation is very good! The rocks inside the cave are in a variety of shapes, and they are very beautiful. Tickets for Qixing Cave and Seven Star Park are bought separately. It is one of the representatives of Guilin Grottoes. It is smaller than Reed Flute Cave. If the characteristics of Reed Flute Rock are large and wide, the Qixing Cave then is smooth. As many places in the cave are very smooth. And there is water in the underground river inside.

The internal tour bus is very efficient! Monkey Mountain is a good place to view, and it is happy thing to feed monkeys! It is very interactive! There is also a food street inside, which offers a variety of Taiwan, Chaoshan snacks!

Fenghuang Ancient Town

The Fenghuang Ancient Town is located in the southwest of Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture in Hunan Province, with a total land area of about 10 square kilometers. At the end of 2010, about 50,000 people were composed of 28 ethnic groups including Miao, Han and Tujia. They are typical ethnic minority areas.

Fenghuang Ancient City, as a national historical and cultural city, is one of the first batch of China’s tourism strong counties, the national AAAA-level scenic spot, and one of the eight counties under the jurisdiction of Hunan Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture. It is built in the forty-three years of Qing Emperor Kangxi [1704]. In 2001, it was awarded the title of National Historical and Cultural City. It is a famous historical and cultural city in China, and one of Hunan’s top ten cultural heritages. Once it is praised by the famous New Zealand writer Louis Ai Li as the most beautiful small town in China, it is comparable to the Lijiang ancient town in Yunnan and the Pingyao ancient town in Shanxi. It enjoys the reputation of “Pingyao in north of China, Fenghuang in south of China”.

The bluestone streets in the town, the hanging houses on the banks of the Tuo River, numerous ancient buildings, and the strong Miao customs make up a unique Xiangxi charm.

It is recommended to proceed from the North Gate Tower, along the city wall, through the Yangjia Temple, to the East Gate. After a visit to Dongzheng Street, the former residence of Xiong Xiling and the former residence of Shen Congwen, as well as the Ancient City Museum are nearby. In the evening, you can return to the Hongqiao outside the East Gate, where the beautiful Fenghuang night scene is waiting for you.

Overall, this place is still very worthwhile, but at the same time, its play experience is also related to how you play there, what mood to come over, who to be with and who to meet there.