Three Gorges Dam

It is interesting to see the boat passing the Gezhou dam and experience the feeling of crossing the dam after the boat rises. Then the beautiful scenery of Xiling Gorge come into view, and the boat arrives at the Three Gorges Dam for three hours. The dam scenic area can be seen from all angles to the five-level river lock and the spectacular dam.

You can take a scenic sightseeing bus at the “Tourist Transfer Center”. First visit the Tanziling. At the commanding heights of the Three Gorges Dam, you can see the panoramic view of the Three Gorges Dam and the Three Gorges Reservoir and you can look at the opposite Zigui New County. Then take a bus to visit the 185 viewing platform. The 185 platform is a great place for tourists to take close-up shots of the Three Gorges Dam in the scenic area. Then take a bus to the interception sightseeing park to visit. Here you can feel the majesty of the Three Gorges Dam, and you will feel a sense of pride!

As a world civilization, it is quite spectacular. On the top, you can see the ship entering the gate. You can follow the crowd and come to the 185 platform. And there is no need taking the sightseeing bus as it gets closer to the dam on this platform. After then, take the sightseeing bus to the last stop: interception sightseeing park. Just walk around the park and observe the dam from different angles. It takes about 2 or 3 hours to finish your trip there.

Here are some guides for your trip to Three Gorge Dam:

  1. In Yiling Square you can take No. 216 bus for about 1 hour; and it costs 15 Yuan/person.
  2. Road map: Tanziling – 185 platform – interception garden, which can be fully visited within 3 hours.
  3. The battery car from Tanziling to the 185 platform is recommended not to take it, the distance is very short and it will cost 20 Yuan/people.
  4. Tickets are free. Tourist car fare costs 35 Yuan/person.


Shibaozhai, a historic wooden structure with unique style and beautiful scenery, is the world’s largest bonsai with its unique scenery. Shibaozhai is a free spot in the Yangtze River Three Gorges cruise trip. If you go there by yourself, the ticket is 50 yuan per person. Located in the north bank of the Yangtze River in Zhongxian County, Chongqing, Shibaozhai has many patriots and generals. Bai Juyi has also been here. Shibaozhai is featuring loyalty culture.

Being a must-see attraction of the Three Gorges River, Shibaizhai was originally a small town. Later, due to the construction of the Three Gorges Dam, the water level rose and the original town was flooded. The state allocated funds for new construction. Shibaozhai is a nine-story wood tower, and each floor has Bodhisattva. The steps on the tower are steep, but when you reach the summit, you can see the whole town and the scenery along the road is beautiful.

The cruise ship was docked in Zhongxian County. Under the guidance of the tour guide, everyone will visit a scenic spot called Shibaozhai. Located on the north bank of Yangtze River, Shibaozhai was built on the mountain, and it is very unique and features wooden structure, and when you climb up, you will feel the stairs are very narrow. The building shape to the nodes and decorations are quite different in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. At the bottom of the building close to the exit, you will see a flower window, which is especially interesting.

Don’t go with the guide after you get on the pier, as the tour guide will take you to the commercial street and then to the attraction. After going to the dock, look at which side of the sedan chair to go, and following that road is the best and the fastest. This village is very characteristic. It doesn’t use a nail. It all hangs on the cliff by the fit of the wood. It feels very thrilling when climbing up Shibaozhai.

Shennong Stream

Shennong Stream (also known as Shennongjia Forest Area) is located in the western part of Hubei Province. The north and south sides are adjacent to Shiyan City (where Wudang Mountain is located) and Yichang City (where the Three Gorges Dam is located). Shennongjia Forest Area covers a large area. As a prefecture-level administrative area, there are many towns and forest farms in Shennongjia Forest Area. Among which the Songbai Town in the north of Shennongjia Forest Area is the administrative center of the forest area. Muyu Town in the south is the tourist reception center town of the forest area. Where the visitors who come to the forest area to play the first basically are these two towns, and the two places are about 80 kilometers apart.

As a wide-ranging tourist destination, it is divided into Shennongding Tourist Area, Tianyan Tourist Area, Xiangxiyuan Tourist Area and Yuquan River Tourist Area. What tourists visit the most are the top three tourist areas as well as Guanmen Mountain and Shennong Altar. And tickets of the major tourist areas and surrounding attractions are sold separately. The Shennongding Tourist Area is the core area of the whole forest area and a well-known tourist area in the forest area. Many tourists will confuse the Shennongding Tourist Area with the Shennongjia Forest Area, thinking that the two are the same tourist scenic spot.

When you come to the Shennongjia forest area, it is like entering a virgin forest. There are towering trees and lush vegetation. Every day, you will enjoy yourself in the natural oxygen bar of nature, completely away from the hustle and bustle of city life. In the Shennongding tourist area, you can climb the “Central China Ridge”. The Shennongding in the tourist area is the first peak in Central China. You can also see the rare and precious golden monkeys. Here is the place where the mysterious “Shennongjia Savage” haunts and you will find some relics such as savages’ hair, footprints etc.

Wu Gorge

Wu Gorge is the second gorge in the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River and the longest one. There are 12 peaks in Wu Gorge, the most famous of which is the Goddess Peak, which is also the most beautiful place in the Three Gorges. The best time to have a trip to the Wu Gorge is in autumn, when the mountains are full of red leaves, it is really beautiful and it is fascinating.

Wu Gorge is one of the very good attractions. The scenery is beautiful and charming and full of temptations. It is worth recommending to everyone. It is very interesting, the scenery is infinitely good, and the price-performance is very high. It is really wonderful to take a cruise.

After passing through the Qiangtang Gorge, the cruise ship sails over a wide river and enters the Wu Gorge. The Wu Gorge is wider than the Qutang Gorge. It is the longest Gorge of the Three Gorges, which is 42 kilometers long from east to west, and takes about two hours by boat. Wu Gorge is also the most beautiful gorge. The 12 peaks of the Wu Gorge are famous. The goddess peak is a miracle of nature. In autumn, the red leaves of the mountains are really beautiful. Everyone must appreciate them carefully.

The Yangtze River passing the Wushan has left many scenic spots there, among which the Wu Gorge is a charming one. It allows visitors to feel the changes of Wushan, and feel the infinite charm of many mountains and rivers landscape. Being the largest and longest canyon in the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River, the Wu Gorge is ideal for boat trips. The infinite scenery is in the Wu Gorge. There are many peaks on both sides of the river. The shapes are different, the craftsmanship is very beautiful, the whole scenery is very beautiful. When the sun sets, it is worth to appreciate the charm there.

Qutang Gorge

The Three Gorges has three large canyons from west to east. The Baidi City to the Tunxi section is called the Qutang Gorge. The Wushan to Badong Guandukou section is called the Wu Gorge. The Xiangxi of Zigui to Nanjinguan section is called the Xiling Gorge. There are many cultural sites, monuments and buildings left over. You can take a cruise on the Three Gorges and enjoy the Three Gorges scenery along the way.

Qutang Gorge is known as being ” powerful”, also called the Kui gorge. It is the shortest gorge of the Three Gorges, but it is the most majestic section. The Qiangtang Gorge is 8 kilometers long. It starts from Baidi Mountain in Fengjie County in the west and reaches Daxi Town in Wushan County in the east. It is 1,200 meters above sea level, even if the water level rises to 175 meters. The absolute height is still more than 1,100 meters, and the momentum of “Kui Men Xiong Tian Xia” is still the same as before.

There are many scenic spots and historical sites in Qutang Gorge. There are Fengjie Ancient City, Eight Diagrams, Stone Sentinel Maze and Yufu Tower on the upper reaches of the gorge narrows. There are Baidi City, Ancient Pland Path and Bellows gorge on the top of the northern bank of the Gorge. There are powder walls, Mengliang Ladder and Daxi cultural ruins on the south bank, etc. In the south bank not far from the lower part of the Bellows gorge, there is a strange and unusual mountain peak that protrudes from the riverside. It is called “Rhinoceros looking at the moon”, which is very vivid. The site of the DuFu Thatched Cottage is just a few kilometers away from Baidi City, and it is a place where poets linger.

Official telephone number of the Qutang Gorge: 023-56528366

Referred time needed: more than 3 hours

How to get to Qutang Gorge:

Qutang Gorge needs to take a boat to have a tour. It will take 7 hours from Chongqing Chaotian Wharf by boat to Fengjie New County, then transfers to Baidi City by bus, or you can directly purchase the Three Gorges cruise tickets in Chongqing, Wuhan or Yichang.

Ticket: free.

Opening time: all day.