Luhuitou Park

Luhuitou Park is located 3 kilometers south of Sanya City and is the southernmost mountain tip of Hainan Island. The mountain is facing the sea and looks like a slope deer. It is 275 meters high and when you climb to the top of the mountain, the panoramic view of Sanya is unobstructed.

When the car drives into the mid-level peninsula area, you will feel that there are so many green trees. Sanya is also very strange, as you will feel very hot when you are basking in the sun, but once you are hiding under the tree, you will feel very cool and there is no feeling of heat.

It’s just to look at the panoramic view of Sanya in Luhuitou Park, so, many people will choose to come to the park at night. The ticket for Luhuitou park is 45 Yuan/person. It is also the price package of the scenic spot ticket plus the battery car ticket, but the battery car will send people to the top of the mountain. You can take a walk on the mountain, view Sanya from different perspectives, and finally take the bus in the same place to go down the mountain.

In addition to the super sea view, the vegetation of Luhuitou Park is very old and rich. There are huge banyan trees everywhere, and many are entangled with big stones, which are very beautiful in the sun.

Because the Luhuitou Park got its name from a love story, it has also become a love sacred place. When you reach the top of the mountain, you can see the iconic deer and the girl.

Standing in the cracks of the plants and looking at the world under your feet, you will feel the five buildings of Phoenix Island are very eye-catching. Watching the sunset in Luhuitou Park is the most worthwhile thing to wait for. At dusk, people standing in the Luhuitou Park are not willing to leave, and they take out their own equipment to commemorate the beauty of the dusk at this moment.

The sky is like a clean picture. At this time, the magnificent colors are rendered by the setting sun. The city under the Luhuitou Park is gradually noisy. At the top of the mountain, you will enjoy the panoramic view of the Sanya Bay and Phoenix Island. Sanya under the blue sky and white clouds is very beautiful.

Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone in Sanya

Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone, is the intersection of religion and Longevity culture, and the fusion of the natural and cultural atmosphere. Nanshan, facing the South China Sea, is the southernmost mountain in China. “Happiness as immense as the Eastern Sea, live as long as the southern mountain” tells the origin of Nanshan and Longevity culture. Nanshan sea goddess of mercy is 108 meters high. It is located at the seaside of Nanshan Mountain and has a bridge connection with the land. It is a landmark of Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone and a pilgrimage site for many Buddhist believers. Count the steps all the way and walk to the foot of the Guanyin icon, then you will feel the vision is getting wider and wider, and it is surrounded by high trees, light wind, and wide sky, and feel the Brahma pure land, and then your mind is clean. In general, Nanshan is a place which is full of Buddhist atmosphere. The Nanshan sea goddess of mercy is very spectacular and grand.

Nanshan is in the suburbs. So, take a bus from Sanya to Nanshan for about an hour, and go to Nanshan to help your family pray and see the sea if you are interested. Nanshan has a large area, so you have to take the cable car, but it is recommended to make full preparation of where you want to go. There are many places in Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone, and you can’t visit all. In Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone, there are indeed a lot of beautiful spots, but it is worth seeing the Nanshan sea goddess of mercy. You will have an unforgettable for your trip there.

Be sure to do sunscreen, prepare hat sunglasses and sunscreen before going there. If it is a day trip to End of the Earth and the Corner of the Ocean and Nanshan Temple, it is recommended to take a battery car. Although it costs some money, it saves time to enjoy the sights. Jinyu Bodhisattva takes 20 yuan to visit, the price-performance is too low, it is not recommended to take a visit there. In general, Nanshan Temple, Nanshan sea goddess of mercy, Thirty-three Guanyintang are worth seeing in the Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone in Sanya.

Wuzhizhou Tourism Zone

Wuzhizhou Tourism Zone is located in the Haitang in the north of Sanya City. It is opposite to the South Bay Monkey Island in the north and the Yalong Bay in the south. Wuzhizhou Island is one of the few small islands with fresh water resources and rich vegetation around Hainan Island. There are more than 2,000 kinds of plants and many precious tree species. The east and south peaks of the island are connected, with a peak of 79.9 meters. Here, you can enjoy Sanya’s most outstanding sea water quality and delicate white sand beaches, the blue sea and the blue sky and the strange stones in various poses. Looking at the endless south sea in Sun Rock, you will feel very enjoyable.

Wuzhizhou Island in Sanya can be said to be the most beautiful island in China. The water here is blue and clear, the island is full of flowers and the coconut trees are dense. There are many beaches and the scenery is so captivating. It is really beautiful. Especially in the season when flowers are blooming, it is really awesome.

If you want to really be fun, it is best to live on th Wuzhizhou Tourism Zone, as living on the island, you can better understand the island’s beauty, water’s beauty, and the scenery’s beauty. Because there are too many tourists during the day, after 17:00 pm, when the tourists leave the island, the island is quiet, and you can walk slowly. It feels like you are the owner of this island, whether it is walking with friends on the beach or watching the sunrise with your lover, it is a very good experience! Consumption on the island will be more expensive, but it is acceptable. There are restaurants with snacks and a lot of choices to dine. If you have try the water project, you will feel the ticket package is more suitable.

This is an independent island on Hainan Island. The island is full of flowers, trees and blue waters. It is endless, far away from the city, and it is worthwhile to make yourself quiet in the Wuzhizhou Tourism Zone.

Yalong Bay Tourism Zone

Yalong Bay Tourism Zone in Sanya is a particularly worthwhile attraction. In the scenic spot, you can feel the beauty of the tropical forest. You can see the charming scenery of the coastline of Sanya Yalong Bay. From the endless to the horizon, the coastal scenery is beautiful, and there is also island for you to explore, which will make you very happy and very comfortable!

It feels like that Yalong Bay is the most suitable for a holiday. Even just strolling around the hotel, staying in the pool, lying on the beach is very comfortable. Although the sun is very strong, it is very cool to blow the sea breeze in the shade.

Many people after visiting all the beaches in Sanya will feel that Yalong Bay Tourism Zone is the top 1 beach, because the sea is blue enough, it is very clear and beautiful, and the waves are particularly large. Compared with other places like Sanya Bay, its waves are the biggest, you can enjoy swimming there, which is very fun, and the price of other play items is generally more than 100 yuan. The scenery is really beautiful.

Yalong Bay is the most beautiful bay in Sanya. The color of the sea is layered and the beach is more white. There are various entertainment projects at the seaside of Yalong Bay. Visitors can also pick up shells while walking, especially at night, they can catch the sand crabs. Yalong Bay is a crescent-shaped bay with a 7-kilometer-long silver-white beach. The beach is about three times the length of Hawaii, and it is flat and wide, which is comparable to any famous tropical coastal resort in the world. The sand here is very delicate, white and soft, and it is the best among several bays in Sanya, so although it is far from downtown Sanya, there are many tourists.

Yalong Bay Forest Park is not bad, and it is suitable for all ages to play there, as there are projects of all ages. It is recommended that you experience it according to your own hobbies. Especially for off-road racing, young people are worth experiencing, and you will have never regretted playing it!

The End of the Earth and the Corner

The End of the Earth and the Corner of the Ocean is a long-established attraction in Hainan. It is a panoramic view of the stone carvings such as “Tianya Stone”, “Haijiao Stone” and “Nantianyizhu”. The sea is clear, the smoke is very good, the sails can be seen everywhere in the sea, and the coconut wind and the sea rhyme are enjoyable. Just taste the beauty of the world and experience the romantic love story there.

Early in the morning, you can come to The End of the Earth and the Corner of the Ocean. At noon, the sun is shining and just walk on the road leading to the horizon, enjoy the beautiful scenery of high coconut trees, banana trees, dense vegetation and green and yellow lawns, which have already offset the heat of the sun and the reef. And move forward with the shore’s rhythm. The word End of the Earth and the Corner of the Ocean symbolizes the distance, but as a memory of place name, it is so famous.

Route recommendation: The End of the Earth and the Corner of the Ocean includes the Tianya shopping village, the ethnic customs garden and the historical celebrity sculpture garden on both sides of the gate. And you won’t need spend too much time playing these three places. Then you can go straight to the octagonal square, which is located by the sea, and the sea view is very good, and you will see that there are two boulders standing on the sea opposite the octagonal square, and they are engraved with the words “day” and “month”, which is “Riyue Stone”, also known as “Love Stone.” Next you can walk to the right along the coast and walk to the terminal of the battery car, then down the beach. After about 2,000 meters, you will pass through two scenic spots, namely, Hai Pan Nan Tian and Nan Tian Yi Zhu. Continue to travel about 400 meters, there will be the “Tianya Stone” and “Haijiao Stone” attractions, where you can stop to take photos and feel the charm there. After the tour, return back along the tree-lined road “Tianya Road”.