Luhuitou Park

Luhuitou Park is located 3 kilometers south of Sanya City and is the southernmost mountain tip of Hainan Island. The mountain is facing the sea and looks like a slope deer. It is 275 meters high and when you climb to the top of the mountain, the panoramic view of Sanya is unobstructed.

When the car drives into the mid-level peninsula area, you will feel that there are so many green trees. Sanya is also very strange, as you will feel very hot when you are basking in the sun, but once you are hiding under the tree, you will feel very cool and there is no feeling of heat.

It’s just to look at the panoramic view of Sanya in Luhuitou Park, so, many people will choose to come to the park at night. The ticket for Luhuitou park is 45 Yuan/person. It is also the price package of the scenic spot ticket plus the battery car ticket, but the battery car will send people to the top of the mountain. You can take a walk on the mountain, view Sanya from different perspectives, and finally take the bus in the same place to go down the mountain.

In addition to the super sea view, the vegetation of Luhuitou Park is very old and rich. There are huge banyan trees everywhere, and many are entangled with big stones, which are very beautiful in the sun.

Because the Luhuitou Park got its name from a love story, it has also become a love sacred place. When you reach the top of the mountain, you can see the iconic deer and the girl.

Standing in the cracks of the plants and looking at the world under your feet, you will feel the five buildings of Phoenix Island are very eye-catching. Watching the sunset in Luhuitou Park is the most worthwhile thing to wait for. At dusk, people standing in the Luhuitou Park are not willing to leave, and they take out their own equipment to commemorate the beauty of the dusk at this moment.

The sky is like a clean picture. At this time, the magnificent colors are rendered by the setting sun. The city under the Luhuitou Park is gradually noisy. At the top of the mountain, you will enjoy the panoramic view of the Sanya Bay and Phoenix Island. Sanya under the blue sky and white clouds is very beautiful.

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