Jinshanling Great Wall

The Jinshanling Great Wall is definitely a section of the Ming Great Wall that is worth visiting. The Great Wall, located at the junction of Beijing and Hebei, belongs to Chengde City. The scenic area is very large, and there are battery cars, cable cars for you to choose from according to your physical strength and your own needs, but they are not included in the tickets. The wall is very long, it takes nearly three hours to finish climbing there, and the essence of the Great Wall is between the five-eye building.

If you go to Jinshanling in June, this season should not be the season to view the most beautiful Jinshanling Great Wall, but the ancient and natural posture of the ancient Great Wall gives people a feeling of heavy vicissitudes! Not quite the same as the Badaling Great Wall, the broken wall and the mottled wall are the best historical relics of the Ming Great Wall, and they also have a sense of history. Standing at the highest point, looking up the twisting and magnificent Jinshanling Great Wall, it is amazing! You will feel the industrious wisdom of the ancient Chinese nation. The vegetation coverage is very high here, and there are pleasant birds sounds along the way. And the floral fragrance is fascinating. Most of the tourists are foreigners on foot, and some are old people, some are young tourists. The parking lot is very large and the public facilities are complete. The commercial atmosphere of the scenic spot is not very strong, and it is still under development and construction. It is estimated that after many years, visitors will be more and more crowded in the Jinshanling Great Wall. It is still free to play there now and it is very recommendable to make a trip to Jinshanling Great Wall.

This was the Great Wall that was built in the Ming Dynasty and it is the essence of the Great Wall. There are many inns at the foot of the Jinshanling Great Wall. You can go to the view the sunrise early, and some people bring tents to camp at the Great Wall, as they think that the scenery here is as beautiful as that of the Badaling Great Wall.

St Sofia Orthodox Church

St Sofia Orthodox Church is the most typical Byzantine building that is preserved in China. Due to the increase in the number of believers, a second reconstruction ceremony was held in 1923, which was completed in 1932 and remains to today. Having an history of nearly 100 years old, this building is magnificent, simple and elegant, and it is featuring fascinating colors. Its architecture uses traditional architectural methods and is as famous as Central Street. The entire square embodies the beautiful melodies of music and the light of architectural wisdom.

St Sofia Orthodox Church is very close to the central street, and you can walk to the central street along the Toulong Street on the St Sofia Orthodox Church, so these two attractions can be played together. You can take the bus and get off at the architectural art square. St Sofia Orthodox Church’s day views and night views are characterized by two different beauty, so you can go there twice. Taking pictures outside the church during the day, and the ticket is not expensive, which is 15 yuan/person, you can go in and see the structure inside. The interior is a bit shabby, but it still shows the grandeur beauty of the beginning of the construction. The picture exhibition inside is also very good. There is also a square next to it, which is also very beautiful.

By the way, there are a group of pigeons on the side of the church. Some of them will stop at the church building. If you have time, you can watch the people feeding the pigeons. If you are lucky, you can see a group of pigeons flying around the church. It takes about an hour to play in the church during the day. You can also take a look at the church in the evening as the night view is great. However, the exhibition hall at night is not open. At the beginning of the night, the tourists still not willing to leave, and the St Sofia Orthodox Church in the night is even more charming.

The Sun Island Scenic Spot

The snow sculptures inside the Sun Island Scenic Spot are very beautiful, and they are all kinds of sizes and feature all kinds of art styles, which are very suitable to take the children together playing here, and the adults are very long-sighted. The northeast-specific snow house is very special, and kids will like the free slides there, and the time is enough to stay for one day in the scenic spot.

The tickets for the Russian-style town are very special. They are passport-shaped and can be stamped in the old house. Entering the Russian-style town, you will see a variety of simple Russian country houses and homes, and you will be surrounded by this rich Russian style all the time. In the evening, you can enjoy Russian song and dance performances at the Royal Russian Golden Theatre in the scenic area and taste Russian cuisine.

It is a very favorite attraction, which is really very beautiful! You can’t help but walk all the way to take pictures as it is so captivating! And it is more beautiful with the naked eye! There are almost no tourists in the scenic spot in the off-season. It is very leisurely and easy to walk in the scenic area. You can refuse the ride promotion at the entrance and choose to walk. It is absolutely wise. There are large areas of trees, blue sky and white clouds, and fallen leaves. It is beautiful, although it is the early autumn and winter, you can also see colorful plants and tracks left by the first snow. You will love it so much!

It is very convenient to go to the Sun Island from the urban area. You can take the ferry on the Songhua River, the river cableway and the bus. In winter, you can take a horse-drawn carriage from the ice to Sun Island, but remember to bargain.

The area is quite large, and it takes nearly a day to walk around. It is recommended to take a combination of scenic traffic and walking if you don’t want to walk all day. The traffic in the scenic spot is a battery car, and it is convenient to get on at all major attractions.

Central Street

Central Street is very beautiful. It is believed that visitors to Harbin will not miss this place. The buildings there are very beautiful and very distinctive. A variety of buildings of different colors and styles are arranged on a street, but the magical feeling is that you will not feel messy there, but only beautiful. And these buildings should be more valuable in the eyes of architects. There are many famous shops on Central Street, such as the Modern Popsicle, the Modern Western Restaurant and so on. It is highly recommended to try the Modern Popsicle, which has a very strong aroma and a great taste.

The best recommendation for visiting Central Street is to go there twice: one time visiting in the day and one time visiting in the evening, which will show you completely different beautiful scenery. You can live near Central Street, where there are still quite a few hotels for you to choose from. When you walk along the Central Street of a four-way street, you can go to the St Sofia Orthodox Church. When you go to the end of the central street, it is the Flood Control Monument tower, next to it is the Songhua River.

The Songhua River in December has already frozen. You can also see that there are many people playing some ice projects. If you are interested, you can try it. This Central Street is a place where the attractions are concentrated. It is very recommended to have fun there. Winter is the peak season for Harbin tourism, especially during the Ice and Snow Festival, the Russian-style western restaurant business on the Central Street will be very popular. In addition, there are two post offices in the middle section of Central Avenue, where you can send some postcards to your family or friends. There are many Russian Commodity stores on the Central Street. It is more expensive to buy dolls and other crafts here, and it is difficult to counter-offer. Take a look at the small commodity market to the east of St Sofia Orthodox Church, where it will be much cheaper.

Siberian Tiger Park

Although the tigers in Siberian Tiger Park are lazy because of the snow and ice, they reveal their wild features when you feed the meat strips or live chickens, they will show the mighty domineering of the king of beasts. After 20 minutes of sightseeing by car, the rest attraction can be visited by yourself. If you are interested and have the opportunity, you can observe the tiger’s every move at a close distance. In addition, other precious animals such as white tiger, snow tiger, ligers and other beasts that are also worth seeing.

The tigers that are used to seeing people will not care about you. So, you can do what you like to do in the park. They are very cute, the tickets are much cheaper if you buy online, the circus next to it is 280 yuan/person, but it is valuable to see the performance of black bears and tigers. A lot of people feel it more interesting than going to the Great Wall or the Forbidden City! There are also little tigers that are very cute, you can take kids to see them!

There are so many tigers here, and they usually don’t move at all. Only when they see food can they arouse their desires. At the beginning, you can take a tour car to visit around. After the tour, you can walk on foot. The park is not big, and the tour ends in just over an hour. When you take a tour bus, you can buy food to feed the tiger, which is quite worth seeing.

It is more appropriate to go with children. There are quite a lot of tigers. You can feed meat and live chickens. Live chickens cost 60 yuan. When you go there in the weather, the tigers are hiding in a cool place lazily as they are afraid of hot weather. Holding a small tiger to take a picture will cost 50 yuan. There is a tiger culture park at the entrance, where you can sit and take a rest. It seems that the convenient to the park is not so convenient, but you can take taxi to the Siberian Tiger Park.

The Ice and Snow World

Visiting Harbin is basically based on the unique European architectural art. If you are traveling in winter, the snow and ice project must not be missed.

The old city of Harbin is also known as the three districts of Daoli, Daowai and Nangang. Harbin’s most well-known attractions are gathered here, such as St. Sophia Cathedral, Central Street, Gogol Street and Old Road. No matter what kind of wish you have for your trip to Harbin, this area will be your main activity range; for those who like history and love architecture are unable to extricate themselves, because Harbin’s most precious attraction is here. For the Harbin’s relatively new urban area, although the historical heritage is not comparable to the old city, the ice and snow world, Sun Island Snow Expo and other ice and snow related projects are here. There are also places such as Polar Pavilion, Hulin Garden, Science and Technology Museum, etc., which can be said to be a good choice for family and children tour.

In the Ice and Snow World, you can enjoy the world’s highest, longest and largest snow and ice landscape. There are also world-famous buildings, classic cartoon characters, and European-style song and dance performances, Harbin ice acrobatics show, outdoor large-scale ice and snow performances and other colorful snow and ice activities. Large slides, ice climbing rocks, labyrinths, snow football and other ice projects are very popular. When the colorful lights next to the ice sculptures are open at night, they are like a fairy tale world with ice lamps.

The craftsmen of Harbin Ice and Snow World used wisdom and skill to paint a magnificent picture in the language of ice sculpture. Founded in 1999, at the turn of the century, Harbin Ice and Snow World is located in the west area of Sun Island. After more than ten years of success, it has developed into an irreplaceable city card in Harbin and a world-famous ice and snow tourism brand. More than one million tourists, 2,000 pieces of ice sculptures and more than 30 pieces of ice and snow entertainment every year make it worthy of the title of the world’s largest ice and snow theme park. Once a year, the grand ice and snow festival is full of light and is so beautiful at night. It is very worthy your visit.

Qinglong Cave

Qinglong Cave is backed by green hills, facing green water and fit with the cliff. The ancient buildings are surrounded by mountains, and are naturally integrated with cliffs, ancient woods, vines, rocks and caves. They have both hanging buildings that are facing the rivers, and also quiet Monastery on the river. It is very special and features great scenery.

In the remote southwest Guizhou province, there are many large-scale religious buildings with long-standing, exquisite design deep in the mountains that have been well preserved with such completeness and scale. It is rare! The buildings face the Wuyang River, and there is a bridge between the Zhusheng Bridge and the ancient town. Thanks to the colorful lights in the evening, it is very temperament and delicate! From here, you can see the most beautiful river view in Zhenyuan. After you go up, you will understand why Zhenyuan is called Taiji Ancient Town, and it is very convenient to collect tickets after you buy the ticket online. However, the Qinglong Cave is relatively small, and there are not many classics to watch. The ticket price for the cave is a bit higher than the fare like the Forbidden City in the eyes of some tourists.

Tickets for Zhenyuan Qinglong Cave: 60 yuan/person, and the scenic opening hours is from 8:00-17:30. For those children who are between 1.1 meters – 1.4 meters can enjoy half tickets, and those children who are below 1.1 meters can enjoy free tickets; those people who are above 60 years old can also enjoy half tickets, and free tickets for those who are over 70 years old.

When you come to Zhenyuan, this is a spot that everyone will go without recommendation, and it is also worth seeing. It is an attraction features Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism and Taoism. Architecture is its greatest feature, and it is not bad to climb to overlook the scenery.

Qinglong Cave is a small and beautiful classic attraction, with Tai Chi feng shui, and the architectural features here are distinct. The green mountains and green water look great!

Zhenyuan Ancient Town

Zhenyuan Ancient Town is a place worth visiting again. It is more beautiful than Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village as Xijiang Miao Village is too commercial, and only the night view there is worthy of a visit and even though it is more concentrated and spectacular, it is a little dirty and monotonous. Zhenyuan Ancient Town has more delicious food which are reasonably priced.

The Zhenyuan ancient city does not need buying tickets, and the car can be entered casually. It must be a little messy with crowed people. Although it is commercialized, the scenery is excellent and it is worthwhile. Enjoying the panoramic view of the ancient town and the Wuyang River S-Bay must be on the Shiping Mountain, but the door will be locked after work in the evening. You can only take a night view from Sifangjing Lane, go up the mountain and then go up the mountain. It is a little far way, and you may look for help as there are so many fork roads, but the locals are still very nice and simple, and they will answer your questions. When going down the mountain, there is no street light on the dark road, therefore, pay attention to safety. It is best to take the headlights.

The main attractions in the ancient town include Qinglong Cave, Museum, Taiji Ancient City etc. and basically it takes just one day to play there, you can also take the No. 7 bus to Tiexi Scenic Area, where children can play with water. It is recommended to drink a bowl of Soya-bean milk pudding in the alley of the town. The price is the same as that on the street. It is 5 yuan per bowl, and it is in the ancient building, where the environment is very good. In the evening, you can go to the Wuyang River to take the cruise to see the night view of Wuyang River. The cruise takes 60 Yuan during the day and 80 Yuan at night, which takes about half an hour.

The ancient town is not big. The next morning, it is best to turn around the two sides between Zhenyuan Bridge and Zhusheng Bridge and then leave. Because at this time, people are less and it is much quieter there, which is easier to enjoy the ancient city charm.

Xijiang Miao Village

The whole Xijiang Miao Village is not big, and it takes almost a day to play there. In terms of transportation, you can take the bus to Xijiang from Guiyang, Libo, Kaili or Zhenyuan. There are attractions mainly including museums, wind and rain bridges and observation decks. The performance of “Beautiful Xijiang” also is highly recommended for you if you are interested. In the evening, taking a night view of Miao Village at the observation deck is one of the things that must be done here. For dining, it is recommended to taste local sour soup fish. And for accommodation, there are many choices there, whose prices are moderate but the sanitary conditions are not so good. Ancient Street is the main road of Miao Village. You can finish viewing the street in half an hour. If you have time, you can walk into the deep lane and wander aimlessly. There may be unexpected gains. Vehicles in the scenic area are rampant, and it is lack of management and need to be improved. Many places are too noisy, and the tranquility and simplicity of Miao Village have been lost, and it has become a commercial area. However, if you travel to Guizhou, it is worth visiting the Xijiang Miao Village.

Xijiang Miao Village has the national character and it is a complete large-scale Miao Village. There are also many local people living here, and it features pure Miao style. Tickets for the scenic spot include battery cars, and each attraction has only one chance to ride. If you need more, you need spend 5 yuan per trip. There is a lot of good food and drink in the scenic area, there are many good restaurants for dinner, and there is a long-table dinner to experience. There are post offices where you can send postcards and there is also national costume experience. The name of each wind and rain bridge is difficult to recognize.

You can choose to live in the Moshanghua Inn. The scenery from the window is more beautiful than the scenery of the viewing platform. Every morning, when you open the window, you will be enchanted. Sitting at the bed at night and watching the mountains and lights also is very enjoyable in the Xijiang Miao Village. In short, Xijiang Miao Village will leave you a strong and colorful stroke in your trip to Guizhou.

Ocean Park Hong Kong

Ocean Park Hong Kong is one of the most popular attractions in Hong Kong, which has attracted so many tourists coming here for visit every day. After you enter into the park, you can visit the Grand Aquarium, then take the cable car up the mountain directly through Hong Kong Old Street (not recommended to take the cable car down the mountain, as many people line up). After going to the mountain, after playing all the projects on the mountain (including the jellyfish hall and the ocean theater), finally take the ocean train down the mountain to play the rest projects in the downhill. Special note: don’t miss the Dolphin show at the Ocean Theater on the mountain. There are four performances every day, respectively at 11:30, 14:00, 15:30, 17:00, and it is best to go there in advance, otherwise there will be a lot of people, and you can only sit in the back row.

Being one of the world’s top 10 aquariums, The Grand Aquarium has the world’s largest ornamental dome and super giant viewing screen to let you witness more than 5,000 precious fish! There is also the world’s first 360-degree water curtain, featuring the “Shuanglong Romance” with great audiovisual shock! There are many recreational projects in the Sea World. The aquarium hall for watching a variety of fish and marine life, and it usually attracts a lot of tourists. After you enter into the Sea World, you don’t need to buy another ticket. The transportation is also very convenient. There are direct buses in Central Station. You can buy tickets at the subway station first. The whales, sharks and other animals in the aquarium are fierce. Of course, there will be the jellyfish exhibition. The different jellyfish are in the columnar glass jar and there are so beautiful under the reflection of the dazzling lights. It is worthwhile to see such a variety of jellyfish at a time. Children will especially like the exhibition here, and here they will increase their knowledge.

Ocean Park Hong Kong is a great theme park for family tour. The scenery on the mountain is very good. You can see the Repulse Bay. It is another feeling when you look at the scenery while playing various roller coasters.