Seven Star Park

The Seven Star Scenic Area (National AAAA Grade Scenic Area) is located on the east bank of the Li River, which is 1.5 kilometers from the city center and covers an area of 134.7 hectares. It is named after Qixing Mountain and Qixing Cave. The Seven Star Park Scenic Area is the largest, the oldest and most comprehensive park in Guilin. The famous Qixing Cave is on the hillside of Mount Putuo. The cave is majestic and deep. The cave stalactites, stalagmites, stone pillars and stone sarcophagi are in a variety of poses and wonders. The boutique of Guilin’s landscape includes “three mountains, two caves and one river”, of which “two holes” refers to Qixing Cave and Reed Flute Cave. The Seven Star Scenic Area has a typical karst landscape, which integrates the beauty of mountains, water, caves and stone. The trees and flowers in the parks are in pieces. Whenever the golden autumn season comes, the osmanthus flowers in the park can be seen here and there, making the strange mountain and the clear water more beautiful and colorful. The environment is very good, the scenery is beautiful and you will feel your tour there pleasant.

The Seven Star Scenic Area is definitely worth visiting. There are seven-star karst caves. If there is no light inside, you will feel it terrified. And there is also a famous camel peak. The Seven Star Cave is worth a visit too, and the sound and light cooperation is very good! The rocks inside the cave are in a variety of shapes, and they are very beautiful. Tickets for Qixing Cave and Seven Star Park are bought separately. It is one of the representatives of Guilin Grottoes. It is smaller than Reed Flute Cave. If the characteristics of Reed Flute Rock are large and wide, the Qixing Cave then is smooth. As many places in the cave are very smooth. And there is water in the underground river inside.

The internal tour bus is very efficient! Monkey Mountain is a good place to view, and it is happy thing to feed monkeys! It is very interactive! There is also a food street inside, which offers a variety of Taiwan, Chaoshan snacks!

Reed Flute Cave

If you buy a ticket online, you must pay attention to it that you can only enter it 1 hour after the ticket is issued. The scenery inside is still pretty, but the light is very dark, which may not be good for taking pictures. It is necessary to wait for a group of tourists to gather in the cave. Then you are led by a staff member into the cave and you cannot be entered alone.

The reason why a lot of visitors choose to visit the Reed Flute Cave because it is called “National Cave” and it is located in the city. Several leaders of the foreign countries visited Guilin have visited the Reed Flute Cave, which means that it has its own characteristics. Going to Reed Flute Cave, it is still very shocking, and you will admire nature’s ingenuity that let you see such a magical landscape. During the tour there, just follow the guide’s explanation to slowly understand. Where there is no explanation, the children also give them the name from their imaginations.

The staff of Reed Flute Cave will recommend you taking a small train. The one-way trip costs 30 yuan. It is not recommended to buy a ticket. Because the distance is very close, which just takes around 10 minutes to climb the mountain to arrive the gate o the Reed Flute Cave.

The cave is very beautiful under the illumination of colorful lights. The two most impressive views are the harvest garden and the reflection of the snow-capped mountains. Following the guide’s flashlight beam, the group members recognize the various vegetables in unison, and with the help of the top rock wall, you can watch the 3D projection of ten minutes and tell the formation process of the cave. The Reed Flute Cave is really big and shocking. And you will feel the magical power of nature all the way. And this shock is not fully expressed by the camera. It is worth your visit there.

Longji Rice Terraces

Longji Rice terraces are a large-scale terraced group in Guilin, which is divided into Jinkeng terraces, Pingan Zhuang terraces, and Longji ancient Zhuangzhai terraces.

When visitors taking a tour to the Longji terraces, most of them take photos on foot and even many photographers come there to view the sunrise. You can also taste the local farmhouse cuisine and experience the ethnic customs.

The terraces are scattered with the stockaded villages of Yao and Zhuang people. Every year on June 6th, the Luyao Festival of the Hongyao is the “Clothing Festival” of the Hongyao. At that time, every household will take out the flower dress skirts to dry and dazzle.

Official Telephone number of Longji Rice Terraces: 0773-2800315

Time visiting for reference: 1 day

Opening hours: All day

This scenic spot is about 80 kilometers away from downtown Guilin. There is a tourist bus to the Longji Rice Terraces from the city center. Longji Rice Terraces tickets are sold 24 hours a day, tickets for adult are100 RMB, for student are 80 RMB during Monday to Sunday from January 1 to December 31, and the tickets include Pinganzhai and Dazhai Jinkeng. As long as you don’t go out of the ticket checking gate, the ticket will remain valid. In the scenic area, it is convenient to eat and stay. The seven-seat vehicle can go directly from the ticket office to the parking lot of each attraction. Vehicles with over than seven or more seats can only stop at the ticket parking lot, and then take the sightseeing bus to reach each scenic spot, and the sightseeing bus is only open from 7:00 am to 19:00 p.m.

During the October harvest season, there is a wide range of golden scene. On May, it is water release season, and it looks like a bright mirror, and seems very majestic. If the time is not very tight, you can live on the mountain, look at the sunrise, and watch the sunset. Remember that after the National Day, all the rice is harvested, and there is no scenery. So, make your trip there before the National Day Golden Week.

West Street

Yangshuo County is not big. West Street is the most famous street in Yangshuo. There are a lot of tourists at night, so you can go shopping during the day. Normally the tourist city has one or two old streets, whether it is a real old street or a new “old street”, it will attract foreign tourists to gather here. There is also an old street in Yangshuo, Guilin, and it is called West Street, which has a lot of fame in the world.

Yangshuo West Street is located in the center of the county. It has a very long history of more than 1,400 years. In the evening of the tourist season, this street is so crowded, and it is a scenic spot where Yangshuo can be visited at night. There are so many restaurants on the street, and the traffic is huge.

West Street used to be the place where Mr. Sun Yat-sen spoke. The artist Xu Beihong once lived here. This street was also recommended by the world travel guide Lonely Planet. More than 100,000 foreigner backpackers visit the West Street each year, and more than 1.5 million tourists have a visit there each year.

The outsiders who live in West Street are three times as many as the locals. The streets are full of beer fish shops, and West Street is no exception. There are fewer tourists on the West Street during the day, and visitors who like a little quiet can choose to visit during the day.

Because there are many foreigners who come to West Street for a visit and even settle down, West Street is also very international. French restaurants, Italian restaurants, coffee shops, bars and other specialty stores have emerged. All text signs are expressed in Chinese and English. And you will feel their openness, tolerance and comfort.

The street is full of signs, and the foreigners first discovered the characteristics of this street and promoted it to the whole world. Later, everyone knows it. West Street has become a veritable global village and a foreigner street.

In the evening, the bar on the street is very lively, the heat of the day has subsided, so, don’t forget to drink a beer in the West Street, look at the beautiful night scene, and relieve the tiredness of the day.

The Elephant Trunk Hill

After entering the gate of the scenic spot, you can see the elephant’s logo everywhere. Elephant Trunk Hill is free to the public in Guilin before 9:00 am, and it is also convenient for morning exercise. However, the entire scenic spot has been blocked. If you want to take photograph of the Elephant Trunk Hill without entering the scenic spot, it is impossible.

To take a panoramic view of Elephant Trunk Hill, if you enter from Gate 1, you should pay attention to the small bridge on the left-hand side to go to the other side. If you go straight ahead, you will climb the Elephant Trunk Hill cave. The overall height of the Elephant Trunk Hill cave is not high, but the steps are steep, and you need to be careful when climbing up and down. At the highest point, you can overlook the city of Guilin. The Elephant Trunk Hill from this perspective is still very beautiful, and the shape of the elephant trunk is extraordinarily realistic.

Elephant Trunk Hill, as a symbol of Guilin, is almost a sea of people, and photography can only be robbed to get a best position. In addition to the iconic Elephant Trunk Rock and the Xiangshan Wine Cellar, you can also visit slowly. The water inside is very clear, and standing on the pebbles are still a little painful. There are embarrassing elephants in the shape of a dinosaur sculpture. When seeing the stream in the Elephant Trunk Hill Park, the children are quiet immediately, and then they are having fun in the creek.

The most striking thing inside the Elephant Trunk Hill Park is the praying tree with red ribbons and bells. Many tourists hang the sachets or red ropes on the trees, and then circle the tree clockwise to make their wishes. There are also several love-themed statues there. They are deeply affectionate, or have a kiss, which adds a lot of love and sweetness. The trees on the hill are lush and the exquisite pagodas are dotted around them. The rivers under the hill are quiet and clear, and the bamboo boats on the river are fluttering. Such mountains surround such waters, and such waters reflect such mountains, and the mountains and rivers depend on each other, to make it as in the paintings.

Li River

Li River is the soul of Guilin, its landscape is the essence of Guilin scenery, and it is the must-visit attraction of Guilin tour.

Official telephone number of The Li River: 0773-2825502

Reference for time needed: more than 3 hours.

How to go to The Li River:

1.Full drifting: Since the current Li River ticket is basically purchased by the travel agent, few tourists go to the Li River Water Transport Company to buy tickets, and the water transport company does not have an outlet for the ticket sales. Therefore, there is currently no Public transportation from the city to the pier which is convenient for individual passengers in Guilin city.

(1) If the tourists purchase the tickets for the Li River through other channels, they must go to the terminal by themselves. The only way is to take a taxi. The Mopanshan Wharf and Zhujiang Wharf are 20km away from the urban area, and the fare is about 100 yuan.

(2) If the tourist purchases the ticket through the travel agency and the hotel agent, the travel agency will charge a fare of 35 yuan/person and the tour guide service fee, so the tourists can wait at the hotel, and there are coaches and guides to pick you up directly from the hotel to the pier, which saves you the trouble of getting on the bus.

2, The essence of drifting (ie go to Yangdi or Xingping for drifting):

Departure from Yangshuo: (1) At Yangshuo North Bus Station, there is a shuttle bus from Yangshuo to Yangdi Wharf (the license plate is marked with “Yangdi”, and pick up and drop off at any time), starting at about 6:40 a.m. every day, and there will be the bus for every 20 minutes. And the journey takes about 1 hour, the fare is 9.5 yuan / person; (2) if there are more people, they can choose rend a van from Yangshuo County city to Yangdi dock, about 160-180 yuan for generally 6-7 people;

Departure from Guilin: (1) take the “Guilin to Yangshuo shuttle bus” in Guilin Railway Station Square, get off at Yangdi intersection (not arrive at Yangdi Wharf), the time course is about 1 -1.5 hours, the fare is about 15 yuan, then transfer to the minibus from Yangshuo to Yangdi Wharf at the intersection, the fare is about 3 yuan / person, about 15 minutes to arrive; (2) take the bus to Yangshuo, Lipu, Pingle and Gongcheng at Guilin Bus Station (15 minutes  walks from the railway station square), to Yangdi intersection. The method is the same as (1).

Anyway, it will much convenient for you if you join the tourist group for your Li River tour. Just enjoy.