Tiger Leaping Gorge

From Lijiang, take the 214 National Road, and it will take a short time to reach the Tiger Leaping Gorge. There are more than ten kilometers of mountain roads from here to the viewing platform, but you can hear the roar of the river far away. It is said that the Tiger Leaping Gorge is the largest valley in the world with the highest altitude difference, and the Jinsha River is very narrow in this section by the extrusion of two snow-capped mountains of Jade dragon and Haba Snow Mountain, so there is such a spectacular scene.

The Tiger Leaping Gorge in Shangri-La is really a very unique attraction. When you come here, you couldn’t help but sigh the wonders of nature. Tiger Leaping Gorge has the most beautiful canyon scenery. The water is rushing, and the mountains on both sides are majestic and mighty. You can stay here for more than half of a day.

Special Notes:

  1. The rainy season of the Tiger Leaping Gorge is concentrated in July-August, and there will be many falling rocks and landslides, so just avoid going there during the rainy season.
  2. Be sure to pay attention to safety when walking, especially pay attention to the rocks on the top and the soles on the feet.
  3. Don’t listen to strangers near Laodukou. Many people are liars.
  4. Tina’s Inn is a very famous inn in Tiger Leaping Gorge. There are many foreigners staying in the hotel. It may be full during the peak season. It is recommended to make an appointment in advance.
  5. There is no need to carry too much food during your hiking there, and there are inns that can be replenished all the way. However, if the weather is hot, you need to bring some more water. If it is not in the winter, it is advisable to wear the thin sweat-wicking and quick-drying underwear. It is recommended that the shoes be high-grade waterproof and non-slip walking shoes. If you can bring a pair of trekking poles, it will save you a lot of during hiking in Tiger Leaping Gorge.

Black Dragon Pool Park

Black Dragon Pool Park is a quiet and relaxing place. The scenic area is captivating and comfortable. There are many old trees. Under the shade of the trees, you can enjoy the tea and enjoy the scenery. It is said that if the weather is good, you can see the reflection of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in the lake, which is as beautiful as oil painting.

Black Dragon Pool Park is not an attraction that every visitor making trip to Lijiang will visit. It is a park where you can see Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. In fact, it is still recommended to have a visit this place, especially in the lazy afternoon, it is a very good choice to take a random walk here.

Transportation: You can come here by bus at the bus stop near the Lijiang ancient town, or you can take a taxi here, or even take a walk to arrive the park. It is not very far from the Lijiang ancient town.

Tickets: you need provide the maintenance fee of the Lijiang ancient town, then you can visit the park for free, and there are free guides inside, and there is no shopping point.

Attractions: If you simply visit this attraction, it is estimated that you will finish your visit there in 20 minutes; but if you are willing to sit down and appreciate the scenery, you may be able to sit for a long time. The scenery here is worth your stop.

There are ancient buildings in the Black Dragon Pool Park: Deyuelou, Suocui Bridge, Yuhuangge, Linmenlou, Wufenglou, Yiwenting Pavilion, Wenmingfang and so on. The exquisite and beautiful YiWenting Pavilion and the Yueyue Building stand on the inside and outside of the Black Dragon Pool Park respectively, and the bridge is connected with the shore. This building is really beautiful. There is also a mahjong tree, which looks like the mahjong. It is said that if you touch this mahjong tree, and then you can win easily when you play the mahjong. Of course, this is just a legend. You can try it if you like it.

Erhai Lake

Erhai Lake is located on the east side of the Dali ancient town, at the foot of the lush Cangshan Mountain. The water is blue, and it is famous for its invincible landscape and the unique villages and towns on the lakeshore. “winds of Xiaguan, flowers of Shangguan, snows of Cangshan Mountain, moon of Erhai Lake”, are the four wonders of the Dali ancient town. When you come to Dali, you must take your trip to Erhai Lake.

The most famous scenic spots on the Erhai Lake seaside is the double corridor on the east coast. Here you can enjoy the invincible lake view. The sun shines through the clouds and refracts on the lake water. It forms the “God light of the Erhai Lake”, with the backdrop of the rolling Cangshan as a background, it is the best shot you want to catch if you are an amateur Photographer. Picking up the camera, coming here to shoot landscapes, it is one of the fantastic things in your life.

Cai Village is the nearest seaside village to the Dali ancient city, and it is on the west bank of the Erhai Lake. Here is the location of the film ” flowers in bloom “, the endless fields in the movie, the looming Cangshan and the blue sky in the distance can be found in the village. The distribution center of the Erhai Lake Motor Cruise is also in the village, where you can take a boat trip to enjoy the charm of the Erhai Lake.

Most tourists who visit the Erhai Lake will choose to ride around the lake. The total length is about 120 kilometers. Bicycles and electric cars are available. If you plan to surround the whole lake, it is recommended to choose an electric car, which is easy and fast. The blue sky is with you along the way, the Erhai Lake is with you, and the scenery along the way is captivating. When you encounter such a beautiful scene, how can you take less pictures? Just pick up the camera, and take pictures of the beautiful Erhai Lake and take a selfie.

Lugu Lake

Lugu Lake has a water area of ​​51 square kilometers and a water surface of 2,688 meters. It is known as the “Pearl of the Plateau”. The waters of Lugu Lake are clear and transparent. Under the sun, it is showing the obsessive colors of dark blue and dark green, as if you are on the famous Caribbean coast of South America.

Lugu Lake is definitely one of the ideal choices for couples or families to travel. It is not so hard to travel there compared to Tibet, and the road is better, and the scenery is beautiful. First of all, the environment is really very good, the mountains are lush, the lake is crystal clear, and it is interesting that if you live in the Rig Bian Inn, you can often hear the sound of the fish jumping out of the water during the day. Occasionally you can see it for yourself; this place is suitable for vacations. For the fun of playing there, it is not as colorful and interesting as Lijiang, but it has its own unique charm. The sunset in Lugu Lake is very beautiful. When you take photos at will, it is like a picture. The water is very clear, and when you are in the lake, you will feel the water is like the special effect in the movie. In the evening, the location of the goddess bay is especially suitable for watching the sunset. It is a bit cold at night, but there are full of the stars in the sky, and the sound of the lake beating the shore is melodious. It is also easy to see the meteor in Lugu Lake.

The scenery of the Lugu Lake is particularly beautiful. Some people think that Lugu Lake is the most beautiful place among all the scenic spots in Yunnan. It is comfortable and enjoyable. The lake water is so clear that you can see the bottom of the lake, and the people are simple there. But it is not necessary to take a boat. The island has beautiful scenery. You can rent a bicycle or walk around the lake to feel the amazing charm of the nature.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is not far from the ancient city. When the weather is good, you can see its majesty far away. From the ancient city all the way to the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, the scenery along the way has already made you intoxicated. The variety of vegetation along the way keeps changing, giving you a sense of grandeur. Tickets are somewhat complicated for the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. You must purchase tickets of 130 yuan when you enter the scenic gate. There are 5 scenic spots. Ganhaizi is the only way to go up the mountain cableway. You can stop and appreciate the scenery while driving. Glacier Park is required to purchase the ticket for a large ropeway to get up, together with the insurance fee, it will be 200 yuan in total. Yunshanping is mid-elevation scenic spot that needs to buy a 55-yuan cable car ticket. Maoniuping is a low-altitude scenic spot that requires additional cable car tickets. So, if you only choose to take the big cable car, then you can only play Glacier Park, Blue Moon Valley, Gan Haizi in these 5 places. Most people also choose only one cable car to ride. The 50-yuan battery car in the scenic spot is not necessary for the ride. Walking is the scenery all the way in the scenic spot.

 Lijiang Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is the 5A-class scenic spot in Lijiang, and it is also the iconic attraction of Lijiang. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Scenic Area is about 50 minutes’ drive from Lijiang Ancient Town. It is a place worthy your visit. The grandeur of the mountain makes people feel small and the ropeway can help you reach the mountain that is more than ten kilometers in ten minutes. It really makes you feel the experience of the plateau snow mountain. It is a very good landscape.

When the weather is good, it is really spectacular, just like a fairyland. Blue Moon Valley is a beautiful scenery, you can hardly imagine that you have just met a spring blossoming place from the spectacular snow mountain. In general, to travel to Yunnan, you must go to the highest peak of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, you must feel the magnificent snow mountain!

Shuhe Ancient Town

Shuhe Ancient Town is located in the northwest of Lijiang Ancient Town. It is surrounded by mountains and waters, and is quieter and simpler than Dayan Ancient Town. The mountain in the back of the ancient town is the rest of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. The mountains are green and luxuriant, and the trees are green too. The Dashi Bridge and Dajue Palace in the town are well preserved, and the murals depict the characters in Buddhism. The ancient town is full of clear streams.

In the ancient town, there is a Longquan Temple built in the Qing Dynasty, which is dedicated to the cobbler ancestor Sun Bin, so this is the distribution center of Lijiang leather goods. From the big archway with the words “Shuhe Ancient Town”, you can walk from the stone pavement to the Square Street in the center of the ancient town.

The Shuhe ancient town is not large in size. There are many restaurants and bars in the town. You don’t have to worry about catering problems when you visit the ancient town. If you are tired, you can find a small shop and eat local specialties. The ancient town is not restricted by many conditions such as “World Cultural Heritage”, and many of the inn’s architectural styles are unique. If you are struggling with the hustle and bustle of Dayan Ancient Town, you may wish to stay here for a few days and feel the leisure time of Shuhe Ancient Town. Near the old Sifang Street, it is a relatively concentrated place for accommodation. It is different from the hustle and bustle at the entrance to the ancient town. It is relatively quiet.

It will take 3-4 hours to complete your trip in Shuhe Ancient Town. If you have energy and strength, you can go out of the ancient town from the back of the Sansheng Palace. You can reach the Baisha ancient town in a short distance. This is also a quaint and quiet town. Don’t forget to appreciate the same old and famous murals in Baisha Ancient Town, which doesn’t take long time and it won’t affect you to return to the Shuhe ancient town.

Dali Ancient Town

The commercial atmosphere of Dali Ancient Town is still a bit strong, and the shops are opened earlier. They are selling all kinds of small things, specialties, food, and clothes. The air in the morning is very fresh there, and the various things along the way are still very eye-catching. Although it is commercialized, it doesn’t matter, it will be fun anyway.

There are a lot of shops selling gadgets in the ancient city. Strolling around and seeing all kinds of scenes there is also very lively. There are a lot of scarves and shawls for sales in the Dali Ancient Town, and the price is very cheap, just around ¥10.00 to ¥30.00. In Yunnan, the temperature difference between day and night is relatively large, and a thin shawl is very useful. And you can buy one here, because it is more expensive when buying in Shuanglang and Lijiang. In every ancient towns, there will always be surprises when picking gadgets up slowly.

In the Dali Ancient Town, there are many flowers and flowers ring. So many girls are not resistant to the garland, which will cost ¥10.00 to ¥15.00, and features a lot of styles to make you dazzling. Everything looks good. The specialties of Dali Ancient Town, such as vanilla meat, chicken, pork, beef smell good and cost ¥5:00 for each one. In addition to specialty snacks, Dali’s fruit is also very fresh, grapes, cherries, bayberry are cheap and delicious.

The Dali Ancient Town is one of the most famous spots in Dali. Living here, you can easily go to Cangshan, Erhai, Chongsheng Temple, etc., which is very convenient. Eating here, there is no lack of delicious, such as the shops of “revival of the small courtyard”, “I am waiting for you in Dali”, etc. Playing here, it is a mature business circle, as well as has foreigner streets, Dali Museum, etc., and the unique clear sky is so beautiful for you to take pictures. Leisurely walking through the streets of the Dali Ancient Town, viewing the charming scenery, savoring the slow pace of the leisurely life of the ancient town, it is also comfortable.

The Stone Forest

The Stone Forest is a very beautiful scenic spot, the scenery is very chic, and it is very large. It is very difficult for most people to finish viewing all the scenery there, and it is easy to lose direction. The traffic to the Stone Forest is not very friendly. After buying tickets at the Eastern Passenger Station, you may need wait for an hour before the bus depart and also need wait for 40 minutes to get back from The Stone Forest.

After you walk into the “forest” composed of rocks, and walking through it, you will see strange rocks of different postures. Everyone takes the phone or camera to capture this magical stone forest! Under the pinnacles engraved with two large characters of Shilin, there are more and more tourists! People are rushing to take photos here! Many tourists rent Yi costumes and put them in various poses to leave this unforgettable memory! Before “Shipingfeng”, and next to “Ashima”, everyone records this beautiful scenery!

From the big stone forest to the small stone forest by taking the scenic area battery car, the landscape is blended and the horizon is wider! Under the influence of time, the limestones are separated from each other, and after the wind and rain erosion, numerous stone peaks, stone pillars, stalagmites and stone buds have emerged, forming the Stone forest which is combining a variety of strange stones, waterfalls, lakes, caves, peaks and hills.

In the scenic area, you still have to take a battery car before you go to the ticket-checking gate. The big stone forest is composed of dense stone peaks, like a stone basin. The stone forest stands upright and has smooth lines and shows the blue-gray color. The largest independent pillar is over 40 meters high. Among them are the typical attractions such as “Lotus Peak”, “Sword Peak Pond”, “Imaginary Stone Terrace”, “Deep valley of orchids” and “Phoenix Comb”, etc. The “Wangfeng Pavilion” is the best place to appreciate “the Stone Forest”.

Lijiang Ancient Town

When you arrive in Lijiang for the first time, you will be impressed by the beautiful scenery of the bridge and river here. Dayan Ancient Town, Shuhe and Jade Dragon Snow Mountain are the best places to learn about Lijiang, and the mysterious Lugu Lake is beautiful. You will be intoxicated between the great lakes and mountains. In Lijiang, you can be a wayward child, let go of the annoyance of life, enjoy the fantasy, and enjoy the warm sunshine here; or take a hike through to feel the beauty of nature and mountains; you can also be intoxicated at looking forward to an unexpected love at one night. Healing, escorting, crossing, searching, dazing at everything around you. Lijiang still has a lot of unknown charms, which are waiting to be discovered here.

Being one of the most famous towns on the ancient Tea Horse Road, Lijiang Ancient Town has a history of 890 years. In the ancient city, it features the wooden building, the grey tile, the ancient street stone alley, the small bridge and flowing water. Standing on the east street of the ancient city, you can look at the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain from the head.

Being one of the two ancient cities in China that has successfully declared the world’s cultural heritage with the entire ancient city, the Lijiang Ancient Town is one of the distinctive features and styles of Chinese folk dwellings. The Lijiang Ancient Town began to take shape in the Southern Song Dynasty. Since the Ming Dynasty, the Lijiang Ancient Town was called “Dayanxiang”, because it is located in the center of Lijiang Dam, surrounded by green hills, and a green water between the wilderness is like a piece of jasper.

Official Telephone number of the Lijiang Ancient Town: 0888-5116666; 0888-5119111

Visiting time reference: 1 day

How to go to the Lijiang Ancient Town:

Bus: Take No. 4 and No. 18 bus to Zhongyi Market and get off and then walk for about 1 km to arrive in it. Take No. 2 and No. 13 bus and get off at Ancient Town Parking Lot Station, or take No. 7 bus to get off at the department store, then you can walk from the north gate of the ancient city to enter it. You can also take No. 2, 3, 12 bus in the city and get off at Nanmen Street Station and walk to the south gate of the ancient city.

Ticket: free.

Open time: throughout the day.