Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is not far from the ancient city. When the weather is good, you can see its majesty far away. From the ancient city all the way to the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, the scenery along the way has already made you intoxicated. The variety of vegetation along the way keeps changing, giving you a sense of grandeur. Tickets are somewhat complicated for the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. You must purchase tickets of 130 yuan when you enter the scenic gate. There are 5 scenic spots. Ganhaizi is the only way to go up the mountain cableway. You can stop and appreciate the scenery while driving. Glacier Park is required to purchase the ticket for a large ropeway to get up, together with the insurance fee, it will be 200 yuan in total. Yunshanping is mid-elevation scenic spot that needs to buy a 55-yuan cable car ticket. Maoniuping is a low-altitude scenic spot that requires additional cable car tickets. So, if you only choose to take the big cable car, then you can only play Glacier Park, Blue Moon Valley, Gan Haizi in these 5 places. Most people also choose only one cable car to ride. The 50-yuan battery car in the scenic spot is not necessary for the ride. Walking is the scenery all the way in the scenic spot.

 Lijiang Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is the 5A-class scenic spot in Lijiang, and it is also the iconic attraction of Lijiang. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Scenic Area is about 50 minutes’ drive from Lijiang Ancient Town. It is a place worthy your visit. The grandeur of the mountain makes people feel small and the ropeway can help you reach the mountain that is more than ten kilometers in ten minutes. It really makes you feel the experience of the plateau snow mountain. It is a very good landscape.

When the weather is good, it is really spectacular, just like a fairyland. Blue Moon Valley is a beautiful scenery, you can hardly imagine that you have just met a spring blossoming place from the spectacular snow mountain. In general, to travel to Yunnan, you must go to the highest peak of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, you must feel the magnificent snow mountain!

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