Mount Emei

Mount Emei in Leshan is really a good scenic spot. The golden dome of Mount Emei cannot be missed to go to the sunrise and the sea of clouds, otherwise it is not so meaningful to visit the Mount Emei. If you want to watch the sunrise, you must wear very thick clothes, and you can rent clothes in the bottom of the mountain. In addition, the monkey area is really boring. The monkeys are all tamed by the locals. They completely rob your items. The locals teach the monkeys to climb to you. Then you buy monkey food. The monkeys are very powerful. It is best to look at them at another road. It is not necessary to buy the bamboo pole. Because the monkeys are not afraid at all. Remember don’t touch the monkeys, sometimes they will bite you. The monkeys in the golden dome are very cute, they just want to eat, as long as you don’t touch them.

The tickets for Mount Emei are 185 Yuan/person, and it will cost you 50 yuan for taking the bus up and down the mountain, and 55 Yuan down the mountain, with a total of 120 Yuan/person. Feel free to choose to walk up the mountain if you think the ticket price is expensive. When the bus arrives on the mountain, it takes about half an hour to walk to the entrance of the ropeway.

There are many small shops on the way to buy some non-slip nails and socks. It is recommended to buy a 5-yuan bamboo, because on the way, a lot of socks and studs have been thrown away, which is not practical. If you don’t have snacks, you can buy instant noodles on the mountain, which costs 10 Yuan, and the price in the scenic area is not expensive.

The sea of clouds at the top of the mountain is beautiful. If you have the conditions, you can stay in the mountains for a few days and watch the sunrise and sunset. In the bottom of the mountain, it is still ice and snow. When you go to golden dome, the sun is shining, and the weather is different. Be sure to prepare your clothes.

Leshan Giant Buddha

The Leshan Giant Buddha is an attraction in Sichuan. The tall image has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people who have visited there and is the famous Buddha statue in the country. It is very spectacular and worthies a visit. It is not recommended to go to there during the peak season as you need to walk the plank road after all, which is still a little dangerous. The Leshan Giant Buddha was excavated in the Tang Dynasty and was completed in 90 years. The Buddha’s hands are put on the knees, and the shape is solemn. The Buddha head is at the same height as the mountain, and it is stepping on the river, with a well-balanced body and a solemn expression. The Buddha is 71 meters high, with a head height of 14.7 meters and ear height of 7 meters. It is 28 meters high from the knee to the instep. The instep is 8.5 meters wide, which can be seated on hundreds of people. There are 1051 spiral coils on the head of the Buddha. They are inlaid with stones one by one. The workmanship is meticulous, and the hair and the head are integrated.

There are many types of tickets for Leshan Giant Buddha. In addition to the entrance tickets, you must buy the rest. You can choose the package according to your own situation. You can choose the panoramic package. The price is around 170 yuan. The old man and the child can enjoy half price or free ticket. If you only buy entrance tickets, the general price is around 90 yuan. It is suggested to be equipped with an explainer as it is more interesting. If you book a car, you can set it with the ticket. There will be corresponding discounts. And it is recommended to buy tickets in advance, because the channel of online shopping tickets is still very fast.

It will take about 2-3 hours to visit the Leshan Giant Buddha, and it is recommended to wear sports shoes to play there as it will be more convenient, and you can bring your own food. In addition, the conditions for eating inside the scenic spot are good, but you need to bring enough water in the summer.

Jiuzhaigou Scenic Spot

It is known to all that the best time to have a trip to Jiuzhaigou is October, but just keep in mind that there will be very visitors during that time, especially if you go there during the Chinese National Holiday from 1st -7th October, so if you time is flexible, just avoid the crowded period.

As for how to visit Jiuzhaigou, there are many sayings on the Internet, such as which ditch to go first, which ditch to go to finally, etc. In fact, my personal opinion is that, unless you plan to visit for 2 days, if you only have 1 day, then don’t think too much, go directly to the sightseeing car. Jiuzhaigou is full of beautiful scenery. Moreover, the main reason is that there are many people in the sightseeing station. When the car comes, it will be crowded. The car is said to be dispatched on-site, and it is not specified which ditch to go through. It may first park in the tiger sea of Shuzhenggou, then get off to view the scenery, and continue to get on the bus. (The scenic spot tourist center has a sightseeing car map, which is free of charge, the label is very clear on which site can be get on and get off, etc.)

If you want to go to the primeval forest, wait for the car at the place where you get off (some cars can go directly to the primeval forest, but it is depending on your luck).

Believe that the hard work of 1 day in Jiuzhaigou is worthwhile. There are many things in Jiuzhaigou that are worthy of your recollection.

  1. About lunch: Inside the scenic spot, there is a restaurant called Nuorilang, and there are some small vendors selling food nearby, all of which are 15 yuan. It is recommended that if you plan to eat instant noodles, don’t go to NuoriLang, there are too many people.
  2. It is recommended not to bring instant noodles into the scenic area unless you bring your own hot water. The scenic area does not provide hot water, so it is useless to bring it in.