Hongluo Temple

Hongluo Temple was built during the Eastern Jin Dynasty and is the largest Buddhist garden in northern China. It has been a holy place for worshipping Buddha in Beijing since ancient times. There are towering ancient trees in the temple. “Seeing flowers in spring, avoiding the heat in summer, viewing red leaves in autumn, and admiring three friends in winter” are the characteristics of Hongluo Temple.

Hongluo Temple is divided into two parts, one is the main temple area of Hongluo Temple and the Five Hundred Arhats near the main hall, and the other is the Guanyin Temple on the top of the mountain. It is said that Guanyin Temple is extremely effective. There are incense sticks for worshipping Buddha in the whole temple. There is no requirement for the incense money, it all depends on the tourists.

The main temple area and the Five Hundred Arhats Forest are not big, with a circumference of several hundred meters, and it takes only one hour to walk around. In addition to worshiping Buddha, visiting the main temple area is mainly to admire the large number of plants in Hongluo Temple.

After visiting the temple, you can climb back to the mountain along the mountain path. There are about a thousand steps. Generally, it takes more than two hours to reach the Guanyin Temple on the top of the mountain. Every time you walk along the road, a different-looking Guanyin Bodhisattva appears in front of you, which is very interesting. The Guanyin Temple on the top of the mountain is said to be very spiritual, and many people come here to worship. Looking down the bottom of the mountain from the top of the mountain, you will feel that the mountains are stacked in the distance, and towns and other places are in sight, which is very open. If you don’t have enough physical strength, you can also take the scenic slide up and down the mountain. The slide is about 800 meters to the Guanyin Temple on the top of the mountain.

When you feel a little impetuous, Hongluo Temple becomes the first choice to relax. Come here to climb the mountain and pray for blessings, which can always make people quiet and peaceful. After reaching the top of the mountain and worshiping the Bodhisattva, take another mountain road down the mountain, with the beautiful scenery and a panoramic view. You can reach the Zodiac Garden all the way down the mountain, you can worship Amitabha, you can rest in the pavilion, you can see a group of cute turtles, and feel the fragrance of flowers, and get close to nature. This is a place that is very worth visiting often.