West Sea Grand Canyon

From the Yungu Temple cableway up the mountain, walking to the mouth of the West Sea Grand Canyon is not very far, and you can also feel the canyon beauty which is back of the Yellow Mountains. It is recommended to choose to go there when the weather is good, as you can feel the charm of the peaks, pine trees, canyons, stairs and other charm, it is recommended!

The West Sea Grand Canyon is shocking and dangerous, and the wonders of nature are amazing. It is best to take the seat in the front of the cable car if you want to take the best photos, as there will be no obstruction, or you can only take pictures of the side.

The West Sea Grand Canyon is really worth a visit. You can see a lot of scenery including deep cliffs, and experience the feeling of climbing the mountain, and you can take the cableway. When you are going up the mountain, you will pass through the North Sea, the West Seaview area, then reach the famous West Sea Grand Canyon in the back of the Yellow Mountains. The mountains are numerous, the scenery is magnificent. From the entrance of the canyon to the bottom of the canyon, you will have a very good experience!

You can buy tickets on the spot, but there are many people, so the queue-up team is very long. In this case, it is recommended to buy tickets online in advance. Many people think that this is the most beautiful place in the entire the Yellow Mountains. The whole scenic spot is full of strange peaks and rocks, which are original and fantasy. If you just meet the cloud weather when you go there, the scenery will be very beautiful.

The West Sea Grand Canyon is one of the famous Grand Canyons in the Yellow Mountains Scenic Area, and also is a famous tourist attraction. Visitors and outdoor adventure enthusiasts are favored by the depth of the canyon, the cliffs and the gully. All kinds of strange peaks and stones can be seen everywhere. Walking in it, you will really sigh the magic of nature.

Xidi Ancient Village

For Xidi and Hongcun Ancient Village, although they are both ancient Huizhou villages, and are listed in the World Cultural Heritage List, Xidi’s popularity is far less than that of Hongcun. Some people say that “Hongcun is a painting, and Xidi is a book”, which is a very good metaphor. Hongcun is beautifully stunning, and the commercial atmosphere is even heavier. In fact, Xidi is actually better preserved, and the humanity is more intense. There is Mingjing Lake at the entrance of the village, and the whole village and the surrounding hills are reflected in the lake. Compared to Hongcun Ancient Village, Xidi Ancient Village is quieter, and the commercial taste is less. It just takes half a day to travel around the village. On the mountain, you can see the whole picture of the village, and it is worth a visit!

Featuring the green tile and white wall, the Xidi Ancient Village is a typical Huizhou village. The archway in the village entrance is very connotative. And it takes about 50 Yuan to take taxis from Hongcun village, and there are also buses for you to take. After visiting the village by following the tour guide for an afternoon, you will also have a lot of understanding of Anhui culture.

If you want to feel the ancient village of Anhui, Xidi Ancient Town is a good choice! The ancient dwellings of Anhui in the Ming and Qing Dynasties are well preserved here. The simple style and the scattered buildings are like passing through the time and space. Even if you visit Xidi Ancient Village on a rainy day, you can also see different scenery and architectural features of Huizhou, understand the story of history and humanities, ascend the horizon, and enjoy the panoramic view.

 The Xidi ancient village is worth a visit. It reveals the historical atmosphere everywhere. The village is built with mountains and waters, and the scenery is beautiful and full of life. Being the world cultural heritage, Xidi is famous for its complete Huizhou ancient village architecture and fresh folk customs, while the Xidi clan culture can be traced back to the end of the Tang Dynasty.

Hongcun Ancient Village

Hongcun Ancient Village is located in Yixian County, Huangshan City, Anhui Province. It is known as the “painting village” and is about 30 kilometers away from Huangshan. There is a direct shuttle bus to reach the village. Hongcun ancient dwellings are typical representatives of Hui-style architecture, and are the birthplace of Hui culture and one of the important gathering places of ancient Hui merchants.

Going to Huangshan, you can miss the Hongcun Ancient Village. Walking into Hongcun Ancient Village, the name of the village in the painting is well-deserved. Hongcun is backed by Huangshan Mountain and has rivers inside. The air is fresh and attracts many domestic and foreign tourists.

Hongcun and Xidi are two small villages that you should have a visit during your trip to Huangshan. Hongcun Ancient Village is a very simple village, which features very characteristic buildings, black and white gray tones, and it looks like an ink painting.

Hongcun Ancient Village is very beautiful. The Hui architecture is preserved very good. There are many tourists. Strolling in the South Lake in the morning is like walking in a fairyland. Ink Hongcun is well-deserved. The Hui architecture is quite unique. The still waters reflect the buildings of some ages, and there is also a kind of beauty that cannot be said.

Different seasons and different climates will receive different feelings in Hongcun Ancient Village. The business atmosphere there is not very strong, although there are more tourists, the management of the scenic spots is still in good order. The pattern of Hongcun ancient village is different from other places. It has its own unique characteristics. The drainage structure of the cattle-type water system maintains its former glory and highlights the wisdom of the ancients. It is very worth seeing. There is also a large ticket discount for Hongcun Ancient Village. It is half of the ticket for people who are 60 years old and above, and it is free of charge for people who are more than 65 years old.

Hongcun Ancient Village is now a famous tourist destination, and this place receives many tourists from home and abroad every year. The architectural style, the layout of the village, the leisurely folk customs, and the harmoniousness between man and nature are all highlights that are worthy of our taste.

The Yellow Mountains

Since ancient times, The Yellow Mountains has been one of the best mountains in China. Strange pines, strange rocks, sea of clouds and hot springs are called the “four wonders” of The Yellow Mountains. In addition, Rime, snow, and sunrise are also sights that tourists will not miss. There is a saying that you will not see any other mountains after returning from the Yellow Mountains.

The Yellow Mountains scenic spots is divided into the front mountain and the back mountain. The front mountain refers to the Ciguang Pavilion to Guangmingding, namely the hot spring, Yupinglou and Tianhai scenic spot area. The main attractions are Greeting Pine, Banshan Temple, Tiandu Peak, Yupinglou, Lianhua Peak, Yixiantian and Yuyufeng, etc.

The back mountain refers to Yungu Temple to Guangmingding, which is the area around Beihai and Xihaihai scenic spot. The main attractions are Shixin Peak, Lion Peak, Paiyun Pavilion, Xihai Grand Canyon, Feilai Stone and pine valley nunnery. Among the many landscapes, the most beautiful scenes such as “Three Wonders and Five Musts” are the most loved by the world.

The scenic area is divided into the South Gate, the West Gate and the North Gate. The vast majority of tourists will enter and exit from the South Gate. The South Gate has two entrances and exits of the front Mountain and back mountain. They are all close to Tangkou Town at the foot of the mountain.


Tourists in Huangshan Scenic Area are full. When they are out of the mountain, they have to queue for a long time. It is recommended not to go out at noon or in the evening, so as to avoid the crowd in advance.

The climate on the mountain is changeable, it often rains, and the temperature difference is very large. It is recommended to prepare raincoats and warm clothing when having a visit there.

It is recommended to bring some food up the mountain as the food on the mountain is very expensive.

There are a number of places to stay on the top of the mountain, which are mainly concentrated in the areas of Guangmingding Tianhai, Paiyunting, Bai’erling and Beihai. The Guangmingding is the best place to view the sunrise.