The Yellow Mountains

Since ancient times, The Yellow Mountains has been one of the best mountains in China. Strange pines, strange rocks, sea of clouds and hot springs are called the “four wonders” of The Yellow Mountains. In addition, Rime, snow, and sunrise are also sights that tourists will not miss. There is a saying that you will not see any other mountains after returning from the Yellow Mountains.

The Yellow Mountains scenic spots is divided into the front mountain and the back mountain. The front mountain refers to the Ciguang Pavilion to Guangmingding, namely the hot spring, Yupinglou and Tianhai scenic spot area. The main attractions are Greeting Pine, Banshan Temple, Tiandu Peak, Yupinglou, Lianhua Peak, Yixiantian and Yuyufeng, etc.

The back mountain refers to Yungu Temple to Guangmingding, which is the area around Beihai and Xihaihai scenic spot. The main attractions are Shixin Peak, Lion Peak, Paiyun Pavilion, Xihai Grand Canyon, Feilai Stone and pine valley nunnery. Among the many landscapes, the most beautiful scenes such as “Three Wonders and Five Musts” are the most loved by the world.

The scenic area is divided into the South Gate, the West Gate and the North Gate. The vast majority of tourists will enter and exit from the South Gate. The South Gate has two entrances and exits of the front Mountain and back mountain. They are all close to Tangkou Town at the foot of the mountain.


Tourists in Huangshan Scenic Area are full. When they are out of the mountain, they have to queue for a long time. It is recommended not to go out at noon or in the evening, so as to avoid the crowd in advance.

The climate on the mountain is changeable, it often rains, and the temperature difference is very large. It is recommended to prepare raincoats and warm clothing when having a visit there.

It is recommended to bring some food up the mountain as the food on the mountain is very expensive.

There are a number of places to stay on the top of the mountain, which are mainly concentrated in the areas of Guangmingding Tianhai, Paiyunting, Bai’erling and Beihai. The Guangmingding is the best place to view the sunrise.

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