Snow Valley

Snow Valley is located in the construction area of Dongsheng Forest Farm, Shanhe Town Forestry Bureau, Wuchang City, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province. The snow valley covers an area of 14,654 hectares in total, with an average snow depth of 1 to 3 meters.

Snow Valley is also known as Dongsheng Forest Farm. It is separated from the Snow Country (ie. Shuangfeng Forest Farm) by a mountain of Leymus Chinensis. Usually, the trekking route from the Snow Valley to the Snow Country refers to crossing the mountain of Leymus. Many tourists prefer Snow Valley after they have been to the Snow Valley to the Snow Country, because it has not been deeply commercialized so far, so it is simpler and more original.

The Snow Valley is a small mountain village, and you can visit it in less than an hour. After driving into the small village, there is a small hill on the left hand side of the village, and you can walk across a bridge, where you can overlook the whole village. In the evening, the scenery of the snow valley is the most charming. The setting sun and the smoky smoke restore the scene of the most primitive village in the northeast, and it looks like a Chinese ink painting.

Many tourists will choose to go to the Snow Valley from Harbin for a group or charter car, and hike up the mountain of Leymus the next morning to experience Yang Zirong’s journey through the forest sea and snowy plains in the film of “Take the Tiger Mountain”. Over the mountain, you will arrive at the Snow Country. On the way, you will pass the top of Leymus Chinensis. The snowy field here is very open, with few trees and good snow quality. You can take pictures of the magnificent landscape of blue sky and white snow, and it is also a resort for watching the sunrise.

The Snow Country is located on the sunny side of the mountain of Leymus, and the Snow Valley is on the dark side of the mountain. Therefore, the snow in this area will be thicker in winter. When crossing the Mountain, you must be careful not to leave the main road and go deep into the mountains, let alone enter the mountain. This small village has a small population. Many people in the village run hotels and also have a kiosk selling food and common equipment.

Wild Elephant Valley

Wild Elephant Valley is the most fascinating forest park in Xishuangbanna and a scenic spot for watching wild elephants. It is located 36 kilometers north of Jinghong City in Xishuangbanna and west of the 213 National Highway. This is a place which is frequently visited by wild elephants in Asia, and the Wild Elephant Valley is named after it. It is China’s first national park with the theme of animal protection and environmental protection.

Come to the Wild Elephant Valley, you can watch the elephant show, and watch the tropical rain forest. In the scenic area, there are more than 4,000-meter walking trails winding through the tropical rainforest. You can stroll through them and feel the atmosphere of the tropical rainforest. Not only can you see rare tropical plants on both sides of the trail, but you can also see wild elephants’ footprints, feces and other traces. If you are lucky, you might even be able to see wild elephants walking in the forest.

There are regular elephant performances every day near the south gate of the scenic spot. The cute elephants interact with the staff, dance, cross the single-plank bridge, and even play football with their noses, which is very exciting.

Near the south gate of the Wild Elephant Valley, there is a bird garden and a butterfly garden that can be visited together. There is also an elevated corridor about 920 meters long from the Aviary Park to the North Gate Asian Elephant Museum. You can see elephant skeleton specimens and learn about elephants. The scenery along the road is also very good. In addition, there are restaurants in the scenic area for dining, and there are also some farmhouses at the entrance of the scenic area that can solve the problem of eating, which is very convenient.