Wucai Beach

Wucai Beach is located on the north bank of the Irtysh River, 24 kilometers northwest of Burqin County, Xinjiang. It is a river beach famous for Yadan landforms. The hills here are peculiarly geological and show a variety of colors. When the sunset shines in the evening, the colors are gorgeous and fantastic, and very spectacular. On the other side of the Wucai Beach, it is a lush Populus euphratica forest, which is beautifully reflected in the river water. Here in autumn, it becomes a fairy tale with the brilliant yellow leaves.

The area of the Wucai Beach scenic area is not large, about 1 km in depth. There are many plank roads and observation decks in the scenic area. You can walk along the plank road to watch it. The general playing time is about 2 hours. For photography lovers, it takes longer. Visitors playing the Wucai Beach scenic area usually comes from Burqin County. The playing time is before sunset in the evening. Due to the dry and flat terrain, golden or red sunsets often appear in the evening for a long time, shining on the colorful landscape, which is very beautiful.

Entering the scenic spot, you can descend along the plank road to the end, and then return along the plank road to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Along the plank road all the way up, the rocks on the riverbank in the evening show a colorful color of red, brown, yellow and white. After walking on all the boardwalks, climb to the highest level of the observation deck and look into the distance. The light of the sunset sprinkled on the rocks of the Wucai Beach, is dazzling and extremely beautiful.

The gate of the Wucai Beach scenic spot is on the east side of the river bank. From here, enter the scenic spot. After entering, you will first see a square with sculptures, handicraft shops, restaurants and other buildings, and some small shops selling lamb skewers and other foods. The food here is slightly more expensive than the outside, but the price is acceptable. If necessary, you can have a light meal in the Wucai Beach scenic spot.

Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street

In many cities in China, there are roads or memorial buildings that are named after the word “liberation” for the purpose of commemoration. Chongqing’s Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street is located in the center of Yuzhong District, surrounded by tall buildings. Especially at night when the lights are first released, the bright and colorful neon lights flash, making Jiefangbei “a city without darkness”.

Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street is the bustling business circle of Chongqing. There are a lot of department stores and hotels here. It is a good place for shopping, eating food and walking, and it is also a good place to look for Chongqing beauty. The pedestrian street is with Jiefangbei as the center, including the surrounding Minquan Road, Zourong Road and Bayi Road.

There are many shopping malls, many snacks, and many beautiful women. You can stroll around Metropolitan Plaza, Department Store and Pacific Department Store here; on the pedestrian street you can eat almost all of Chongqing’s food, as there is Bayi Road delicious street, where cheap and delicious hot and sour noodles, Chongqing sweet dumplings and wonton can be found here. When you hang out on the pedestrian street, you will often see tall, fair-skinned Chongqing beauty passing you.

Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street is a prosperous commercial street in Chongqing and even western China. Whether you are a local or a tourist in Chongqing, you can find your own happiness in the pedestrian street.

The Liberation Monument on the pedestrian street is a monument commemorating the victory of the Anti-Japanese War. There are also attractions such as Nengren Temple and Luohan Temple near the pedestrian street. Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street and its surroundings are also one of the main choices for tourists to stay in Chongqing. There are intercontinental hotels as well as cost-effective budget hotels. The best time to visit Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street is at night. When the nightlife of Chongqing’s citizens begins, the entire Jiefangbei area is where the crowds are most crowded.

Cangshan Mountain

Cangshan Mountain is located on the west side of the Erhai Lake in Dali. The scenery is extremely beautiful. The snow on its main peak is majestic and spectacular. It is one of the four sceneries of Dali’s “Fenghuaxueyue”. The clouds and mists in Cangshan Mountain are unpredictable, and they have a lot of strange shapes. When you climb to the top of the mountain, you can overlook the beautiful scenery of Erhai Lake and Dali.

Walking on the Yudai Road with an altitude of more than 2,000 meters, you can overlook the scenery of Dali Dam and Erhai Lake at any time, which is so relaxing.

It is still recommended to take the ropeway to visit the Cangshan Mountain. One reson is to save physical strength. The other is that you can’t feel the magnificence and beauty of Cangshan Mountain when hiking up the mountain. There are three ropeways in Cangshan Mountain. They are Zhonghe Ropeway, Gantong Temple Ropeway and Cangshan Mountain Ropeway, which is also known as Ximatan Ropeway. It is recommended to take the Ximatan Ropeway, it is the most expensive, but it is worth it, because you can reach the top of the mountain. Oxygen cylinders can be bought or not. The lush vegetation on the mountain has a high oxygen content and generally people does not have altitude sickness. Each scenic spot has a catering service area, there are rice noodles and other snacks, and they all taste good.

Special Note

1.Cangshan Mountain has a strong body and complicated mountain roads. It is recommended not to deviate from the Yudai Road when visiting, otherwise it is easy to get lost in the deep mountain. 2. Cangshan Mountain has a higher altitude and lower temperature in the morning and evening. In addition, due to the cold mountain wind, it is recommended to bring warm clothing when going up the mountain. 3. Some locals will provide the service of riding on Cangshan Mountain, but the comfort and safety factor are relatively low, it is recommended to try carefully.