Wucai Beach

Wucai Beach is located on the north bank of the Irtysh River, 24 kilometers northwest of Burqin County, Xinjiang. It is a river beach famous for Yadan landforms. The hills here are peculiarly geological and show a variety of colors. When the sunset shines in the evening, the colors are gorgeous and fantastic, and very spectacular. On the other side of the Wucai Beach, it is a lush Populus euphratica forest, which is beautifully reflected in the river water. Here in autumn, it becomes a fairy tale with the brilliant yellow leaves.

The area of the Wucai Beach scenic area is not large, about 1 km in depth. There are many plank roads and observation decks in the scenic area. You can walk along the plank road to watch it. The general playing time is about 2 hours. For photography lovers, it takes longer. Visitors playing the Wucai Beach scenic area usually comes from Burqin County. The playing time is before sunset in the evening. Due to the dry and flat terrain, golden or red sunsets often appear in the evening for a long time, shining on the colorful landscape, which is very beautiful.

Entering the scenic spot, you can descend along the plank road to the end, and then return along the plank road to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Along the plank road all the way up, the rocks on the riverbank in the evening show a colorful color of red, brown, yellow and white. After walking on all the boardwalks, climb to the highest level of the observation deck and look into the distance. The light of the sunset sprinkled on the rocks of the Wucai Beach, is dazzling and extremely beautiful.

The gate of the Wucai Beach scenic spot is on the east side of the river bank. From here, enter the scenic spot. After entering, you will first see a square with sculptures, handicraft shops, restaurants and other buildings, and some small shops selling lamb skewers and other foods. The food here is slightly more expensive than the outside, but the price is acceptable. If necessary, you can have a light meal in the Wucai Beach scenic spot.

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