Xidi Ancient Village

For Xidi and Hongcun Ancient Village, although they are both ancient Huizhou villages, and are listed in the World Cultural Heritage List, Xidi’s popularity is far less than that of Hongcun. Some people say that “Hongcun is a painting, and Xidi is a book”, which is a very good metaphor. Hongcun is beautifully stunning, and the commercial atmosphere is even heavier. In fact, Xidi is actually better preserved, and the humanity is more intense. There is Mingjing Lake at the entrance of the village, and the whole village and the surrounding hills are reflected in the lake. Compared to Hongcun Ancient Village, Xidi Ancient Village is quieter, and the commercial taste is less. It just takes half a day to travel around the village. On the mountain, you can see the whole picture of the village, and it is worth a visit!

Featuring the green tile and white wall, the Xidi Ancient Village is a typical Huizhou village. The archway in the village entrance is very connotative. And it takes about 50 Yuan to take taxis from Hongcun village, and there are also buses for you to take. After visiting the village by following the tour guide for an afternoon, you will also have a lot of understanding of Anhui culture.

If you want to feel the ancient village of Anhui, Xidi Ancient Town is a good choice! The ancient dwellings of Anhui in the Ming and Qing Dynasties are well preserved here. The simple style and the scattered buildings are like passing through the time and space. Even if you visit Xidi Ancient Village on a rainy day, you can also see different scenery and architectural features of Huizhou, understand the story of history and humanities, ascend the horizon, and enjoy the panoramic view.

 The Xidi ancient village is worth a visit. It reveals the historical atmosphere everywhere. The village is built with mountains and waters, and the scenery is beautiful and full of life. Being the world cultural heritage, Xidi is famous for its complete Huizhou ancient village architecture and fresh folk customs, while the Xidi clan culture can be traced back to the end of the Tang Dynasty.

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