Shuhe Ancient Town

Shuhe Ancient Town is located in the northwest of Lijiang Ancient Town. It is surrounded by mountains and waters, and is quieter and simpler than Dayan Ancient Town. The mountain in the back of the ancient town is the rest of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. The mountains are green and luxuriant, and the trees are green too. The Dashi Bridge and Dajue Palace in the town are well preserved, and the murals depict the characters in Buddhism. The ancient town is full of clear streams.

In the ancient town, there is a Longquan Temple built in the Qing Dynasty, which is dedicated to the cobbler ancestor Sun Bin, so this is the distribution center of Lijiang leather goods. From the big archway with the words “Shuhe Ancient Town”, you can walk from the stone pavement to the Square Street in the center of the ancient town.

The Shuhe ancient town is not large in size. There are many restaurants and bars in the town. You don’t have to worry about catering problems when you visit the ancient town. If you are tired, you can find a small shop and eat local specialties. The ancient town is not restricted by many conditions such as “World Cultural Heritage”, and many of the inn’s architectural styles are unique. If you are struggling with the hustle and bustle of Dayan Ancient Town, you may wish to stay here for a few days and feel the leisure time of Shuhe Ancient Town. Near the old Sifang Street, it is a relatively concentrated place for accommodation. It is different from the hustle and bustle at the entrance to the ancient town. It is relatively quiet.

It will take 3-4 hours to complete your trip in Shuhe Ancient Town. If you have energy and strength, you can go out of the ancient town from the back of the Sansheng Palace. You can reach the Baisha ancient town in a short distance. This is also a quaint and quiet town. Don’t forget to appreciate the same old and famous murals in Baisha Ancient Town, which doesn’t take long time and it won’t affect you to return to the Shuhe ancient town.

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