Black Dragon Pool Park

Black Dragon Pool Park is a quiet and relaxing place. The scenic area is captivating and comfortable. There are many old trees. Under the shade of the trees, you can enjoy the tea and enjoy the scenery. It is said that if the weather is good, you can see the reflection of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in the lake, which is as beautiful as oil painting.

Black Dragon Pool Park is not an attraction that every visitor making trip to Lijiang will visit. It is a park where you can see Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. In fact, it is still recommended to have a visit this place, especially in the lazy afternoon, it is a very good choice to take a random walk here.

Transportation: You can come here by bus at the bus stop near the Lijiang ancient town, or you can take a taxi here, or even take a walk to arrive the park. It is not very far from the Lijiang ancient town.

Tickets: you need provide the maintenance fee of the Lijiang ancient town, then you can visit the park for free, and there are free guides inside, and there is no shopping point.

Attractions: If you simply visit this attraction, it is estimated that you will finish your visit there in 20 minutes; but if you are willing to sit down and appreciate the scenery, you may be able to sit for a long time. The scenery here is worth your stop.

There are ancient buildings in the Black Dragon Pool Park: Deyuelou, Suocui Bridge, Yuhuangge, Linmenlou, Wufenglou, Yiwenting Pavilion, Wenmingfang and so on. The exquisite and beautiful YiWenting Pavilion and the Yueyue Building stand on the inside and outside of the Black Dragon Pool Park respectively, and the bridge is connected with the shore. This building is really beautiful. There is also a mahjong tree, which looks like the mahjong. It is said that if you touch this mahjong tree, and then you can win easily when you play the mahjong. Of course, this is just a legend. You can try it if you like it.

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