Six Harmonious Pagoda

Someone went back from Hangzhou to say that Hangzhou is just a West Lake and has nothing to play. Some people went back from Hangzhou and said that Hangzhou is really beautiful and you can enjoy the charm there by spending more than 3 days. After you go to Hangzhou, you will find that if you calm down and have plenty of time, you will find that Hangzhou is really beautiful everywhere, no matter what the size of the park is, it has different styles.

Six Harmonious Pagoda is a small landscape in Hangzhou. It is also a place that many people who visit the Hangzhou for the first will not go to. And they just see that there is a tower on the mountain. But if you arrive at Six Harmonious Pagoda, and climb the pagoda, you can see the scenery of Qiantang River, which will also be a good experience. It is very convenient to come to Six Harmonious Pagoda. It is not far from Hangzhou Botanical Garden. If you take the bus, get off at Six Harmonious Pagoda and you can walk on foot. Except for taking the bus, cycling in Hangzhou is also a good experience. Many people who come to Hangzhou to play will choose to ride a bicycle. It is not only because the price is reasonable, but you can go where you want to go, and you can rent bicycles in many places in Hangzhou, so it is very convenient. This is very suitable for young people who have trip in Hangzhou.

Tickets for Six Harmonious Pagoda are divided into two parts: one is the scenic spot ticket, which is about 20 yuan, and the other is the ticket to climb the tower, which is about 10 yuan. It is recommended to climb the tower to view the full scenery, which is very good. The scenic area is generally closed at 19:00 o’clock in the evening, so everyone has to arrange the time in advance and do remember that the tour time in the scenic spot is about one and a half hours.

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