Seven Star Park

The Seven Star Scenic Area (National AAAA Grade Scenic Area) is located on the east bank of the Li River, which is 1.5 kilometers from the city center and covers an area of 134.7 hectares. It is named after Qixing Mountain and Qixing Cave. The Seven Star Park Scenic Area is the largest, the oldest and most comprehensive park in Guilin. The famous Qixing Cave is on the hillside of Mount Putuo. The cave is majestic and deep. The cave stalactites, stalagmites, stone pillars and stone sarcophagi are in a variety of poses and wonders. The boutique of Guilin’s landscape includes “three mountains, two caves and one river”, of which “two holes” refers to Qixing Cave and Reed Flute Cave. The Seven Star Scenic Area has a typical karst landscape, which integrates the beauty of mountains, water, caves and stone. The trees and flowers in the parks are in pieces. Whenever the golden autumn season comes, the osmanthus flowers in the park can be seen here and there, making the strange mountain and the clear water more beautiful and colorful. The environment is very good, the scenery is beautiful and you will feel your tour there pleasant.

The Seven Star Scenic Area is definitely worth visiting. There are seven-star karst caves. If there is no light inside, you will feel it terrified. And there is also a famous camel peak. The Seven Star Cave is worth a visit too, and the sound and light cooperation is very good! The rocks inside the cave are in a variety of shapes, and they are very beautiful. Tickets for Qixing Cave and Seven Star Park are bought separately. It is one of the representatives of Guilin Grottoes. It is smaller than Reed Flute Cave. If the characteristics of Reed Flute Rock are large and wide, the Qixing Cave then is smooth. As many places in the cave are very smooth. And there is water in the underground river inside.

The internal tour bus is very efficient! Monkey Mountain is a good place to view, and it is happy thing to feed monkeys! It is very interactive! There is also a food street inside, which offers a variety of Taiwan, Chaoshan snacks!

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