Li River

Li River is the soul of Guilin, its landscape is the essence of Guilin scenery, and it is the must-visit attraction of Guilin tour.

Official telephone number of The Li River: 0773-2825502

Reference for time needed: more than 3 hours.

How to go to The Li River:

1.Full drifting: Since the current Li River ticket is basically purchased by the travel agent, few tourists go to the Li River Water Transport Company to buy tickets, and the water transport company does not have an outlet for the ticket sales. Therefore, there is currently no Public transportation from the city to the pier which is convenient for individual passengers in Guilin city.

(1) If the tourists purchase the tickets for the Li River through other channels, they must go to the terminal by themselves. The only way is to take a taxi. The Mopanshan Wharf and Zhujiang Wharf are 20km away from the urban area, and the fare is about 100 yuan.

(2) If the tourist purchases the ticket through the travel agency and the hotel agent, the travel agency will charge a fare of 35 yuan/person and the tour guide service fee, so the tourists can wait at the hotel, and there are coaches and guides to pick you up directly from the hotel to the pier, which saves you the trouble of getting on the bus.

2, The essence of drifting (ie go to Yangdi or Xingping for drifting):

Departure from Yangshuo: (1) At Yangshuo North Bus Station, there is a shuttle bus from Yangshuo to Yangdi Wharf (the license plate is marked with “Yangdi”, and pick up and drop off at any time), starting at about 6:40 a.m. every day, and there will be the bus for every 20 minutes. And the journey takes about 1 hour, the fare is 9.5 yuan / person; (2) if there are more people, they can choose rend a van from Yangshuo County city to Yangdi dock, about 160-180 yuan for generally 6-7 people;

Departure from Guilin: (1) take the “Guilin to Yangshuo shuttle bus” in Guilin Railway Station Square, get off at Yangdi intersection (not arrive at Yangdi Wharf), the time course is about 1 -1.5 hours, the fare is about 15 yuan, then transfer to the minibus from Yangshuo to Yangdi Wharf at the intersection, the fare is about 3 yuan / person, about 15 minutes to arrive; (2) take the bus to Yangshuo, Lipu, Pingle and Gongcheng at Guilin Bus Station (15 minutes  walks from the railway station square), to Yangdi intersection. The method is the same as (1).

Anyway, it will much convenient for you if you join the tourist group for your Li River tour. Just enjoy.

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