Siberian Tiger Park

Although the tigers in Siberian Tiger Park are lazy because of the snow and ice, they reveal their wild features when you feed the meat strips or live chickens, they will show the mighty domineering of the king of beasts. After 20 minutes of sightseeing by car, the rest attraction can be visited by yourself. If you are interested and have the opportunity, you can observe the tiger’s every move at a close distance. In addition, other precious animals such as white tiger, snow tiger, ligers and other beasts that are also worth seeing.

The tigers that are used to seeing people will not care about you. So, you can do what you like to do in the park. They are very cute, the tickets are much cheaper if you buy online, the circus next to it is 280 yuan/person, but it is valuable to see the performance of black bears and tigers. A lot of people feel it more interesting than going to the Great Wall or the Forbidden City! There are also little tigers that are very cute, you can take kids to see them!

There are so many tigers here, and they usually don’t move at all. Only when they see food can they arouse their desires. At the beginning, you can take a tour car to visit around. After the tour, you can walk on foot. The park is not big, and the tour ends in just over an hour. When you take a tour bus, you can buy food to feed the tiger, which is quite worth seeing.

It is more appropriate to go with children. There are quite a lot of tigers. You can feed meat and live chickens. Live chickens cost 60 yuan. When you go there in the weather, the tigers are hiding in a cool place lazily as they are afraid of hot weather. Holding a small tiger to take a picture will cost 50 yuan. There is a tiger culture park at the entrance, where you can sit and take a rest. It seems that the convenient to the park is not so convenient, but you can take taxi to the Siberian Tiger Park.

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