Central Street

Central Street is very beautiful. It is believed that visitors to Harbin will not miss this place. The buildings there are very beautiful and very distinctive. A variety of buildings of different colors and styles are arranged on a street, but the magical feeling is that you will not feel messy there, but only beautiful. And these buildings should be more valuable in the eyes of architects. There are many famous shops on Central Street, such as the Modern Popsicle, the Modern Western Restaurant and so on. It is highly recommended to try the Modern Popsicle, which has a very strong aroma and a great taste.

The best recommendation for visiting Central Street is to go there twice: one time visiting in the day and one time visiting in the evening, which will show you completely different beautiful scenery. You can live near Central Street, where there are still quite a few hotels for you to choose from. When you walk along the Central Street of a four-way street, you can go to the St Sofia Orthodox Church. When you go to the end of the central street, it is the Flood Control Monument tower, next to it is the Songhua River.

The Songhua River in December has already frozen. You can also see that there are many people playing some ice projects. If you are interested, you can try it. This Central Street is a place where the attractions are concentrated. It is very recommended to have fun there. Winter is the peak season for Harbin tourism, especially during the Ice and Snow Festival, the Russian-style western restaurant business on the Central Street will be very popular. In addition, there are two post offices in the middle section of Central Avenue, where you can send some postcards to your family or friends. There are many Russian Commodity stores on the Central Street. It is more expensive to buy dolls and other crafts here, and it is difficult to counter-offer. Take a look at the small commodity market to the east of St Sofia Orthodox Church, where it will be much cheaper.

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