Shanghai Wild Animal Park

Take Subway Line 16 to Exit 1 of Shanghai Wild Animal Park Station and walk for about 15 minutes to Shanghai Wild Animal Park. The team waiting for the tour bus is particularly long. It is recommended to go there early and bring the umbrella, because a large amount of garbage falls from time to time during the queue. If the weather is good, you will feel the animals very cute.

It is best to book tickets online in advance before you go to the Shanghai Wild Animal Park, as there are discounts; it is best to bring some food, because there is no nothing to eat in front of the entrance of the scenic area, there are only a few restaurants inside, but there will be very few options for you to eat and it is not delicious but also very expensive; the ticket of the Shanghai Wild Animal Park only contains the ticket to the beast area. To take the battery tour bus needs to buy another ticket. If you want to feed animals in the beast area, you should take the bus which has barbed wire and buy another ticket. In Shanghai Wild Animal Park, the tail-tailed lemurs are completely open to view on the island. If they take out the food, they will jump around and even jump on the body. If they jump on the body, just don’t grab them, wait for them to go down; as if you catch them, they will be nervous and bite them. If you only watch animals, half a day is enough. If you want to watch a circus, or if your children want to interact with animals, it will take a day. Compared to the zoo in the city, the environment of the Shanghai Wild Animal Park is much better, and you can be closer to the animals and it is good to take the children to play there.

On the whole, Shanghai Wild Animal Park is Shanghai’s largest place to see animals. There are so many animals inside, and some people need a day to finish visiting there. There are fierce beasts inside, and there are gentle animals that can be fed also.

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