AsiaTravel Book Review: Living Hands: Tibetan Arts and Artisans

Here is a recent blog from Chelin Miller, AsiaTravel’s own yummy mummy blogger.  Here she talks about a fantastic new book on Tibetan Arts and Artisans.  Makes everyone at AsiaTravel want to add a Tibetan rug to their Christmas wish list!


Living Hands: Tibetan Arts and Artisans, a book by Chris Buckley is an inspiring book. It gives an insightful description of the various aspects of Tibetan Arts and Crafts, about which there is so little written.



AsiaTravel Book Review: Living Hands: Tibetan Arts and Artisans

From weavers, dyers, metalworkers and thangka painters to mask makers, sculptors and carpenters. We can appreciate Chris Buckley’s passion for Tibet not only in the beautiful images (both by the author and by Mimi Kuo), but also in the knowledgeable description of each craft. But Living Hands is much more than a book about crafts. Because by portraying the artisans’ personal stories and anecdotes, their art comes to life; we feel closer to understanding their history, traditions and emotions. What drives them to create such beautiful objects: necessity, divine inspiration? Where do they source their materials? How did their techniques evolve through time and changing circumstances? What were these objects used for? How are modernity and globalisation affecting their traditional way of life?


AsiaTravel Book Review: Living Hands: Tibetan Arts and Artisans

I’ve had the privilege of meeting Chris Buckley personally and attending some of his talks about Chinese antiques in Beijing. He is one of the friendliest people I have ever come across, who will open up his home and share his collections, expertise and love for art and tradition. He is also an excellent photographer, designer and researcher, with a humanitarian drive to promote the preservation of Tibetan artisan products. To this end, in 2005 he established the Tanva Weaving workshop in Lhasa, helping to enhance the quality and value of rugs produced and sold by Tibetan weavers.

AsiaTravel Book Review: Living Hands: Tibetan Arts and Artisans


In September 2011 his gallery in Beijing, Torana, received a design award from Elle Decoration magazine for their colorshade rug range.  Living Hands: Tibetan Arts and Artisans is currently available direct from Torana Gallery in Europlaza, Beijing. The book will soon be available through Amazon.



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