Temple of Heaven

The square layout of the Temple of Heaven is completely without a reason to get lost when you are visiting there. Whether you enter from the north gate or the south gate, it is generally not to go back and just go out from another gate, which is also more time-saving. The route is also very clear, because the Temple of Heaven is completely laid out according to the central axis. The main attractions are the Hall of Prayer, Imperial Heavenly Vault, Echo Wall and Circular Mound Altar.

If you don’t know that the role of the Temple of Heaven is for sacrifice, you will feel that the building of the Hall of Prayer is very beautiful. After knowing the history and architectural structure of the Temple of Heaven, after a few visits to the Temple of Heaven, you will feel that this landscape is really beautiful. The temple of heaven has more impact on the hearts of many people than the Summer Palace. You will feel that the building is really beautiful. Although there is no accumulation of knowledge, it is simply like it. After knowing its history, you will feel it more charming.

In fact, no matter what the season is, the Temple of Heaven is quite lively, especially the Hall of Prayer has so many visitors there.

Tickets are divided into gate tickets and attraction tickets. The scenic spots include the Hall of Prayer, the Echo Wall, and Circular Mound Altar on the middle axis. And they are the essence of the Temple of Heaven Park. At first it felt like a ceremonial tower. At the scene, the Beijing Red color together with the Aristocratic Blue and Emperor yellow color collocation of the building is truly sacred in the sun. The Temple of Heaven ticket price is 15 Yuan, the joint ticket is 34 Yuan, and the joint ticket is stopped for sale at 16:30 in the afternoon. If you don’t catch up, you can’t enter the scenic spot. You can only look at it from a far distance.

When there are already many tourists, if you want to take good pictures of the Prayer Hall, you need to raise the angle a bit, so that the camera just cuts out some people below, so that the photos don’t look messy.

The vast majority of tourists stay at the front of the Hall of Prayer and the top of the steps, so you can walk to the back side and wait for the nearby pedestrians to walk away to take an empty scene of the Temple of Heaven.

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