Badaling Great Wall

It is said that you cannot be a real hero without climbing the Great Wall. For this saying, mostly it is because the Great Wall is the most famous attraction In China, and even one of the well-known attractions all over the world. And when visiting the Great Wall, the Badaling Great Wall is the most preferred choices for visitors.

You can take the bus No. 877 at Deshengmen directly to the Badaling Great Wall. It is said that there will be some fake No.877 bus nearby, and after you arrive at the Deshengmen, ask the uniformed personnel, and the bus stop is in the north of Deshengmen. When the bus is full of people, it will depart. After you get on the bus, you can buy the ticket. Normally the ticket will cost 12 Yuan/person without the transportation card, but if you have the transportation card, you just need to pay 6 Yuan, and the card will be swiped both when you are getting on the bus and getting off the bus. The journey takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes and it goes directly to the Badaling ticket office. There will be a commentator explaining the situation of the Badaling Great Wall attractions, and their main task is to recommend the mountaineering method of the pulley. The ticket for the Badaling Great Wall is 40RMB/person, the cost of the cable car is calculated separately.

There are three ways to go up the Badaling Great Wall: walking, taking a pulley and taking the cable car. You can consult people around, the entrance for walking is 15 minutes from the ticket office. You need to turn over a mountain. The guide will tell you that the entrance is far from the ticket office. It is not far away in fact, as long as you are not with the elderly and children. Individuals can basically climb from the bottom of the mountain to the top of the mountain. The pulley is to take you from the bottom of the mountain to the No. 4 beacon tower, and then you need to climb from No. 4 to No. 8 floor, and the round-trip fare is 100 yuan per person. You couldn’t see the scenery on both sides, and it won’t take long to get to the No. 4 beacon tower.

The cable car is about half an hour from the ticket office, and the fare is 140 Yuan. The cable car will send you to the No. 6 beacon tower, and then you need climb two more floors. If you go to Badaling Great Wall, you can buy tickets at the scene without having to buy it online in advance. In addition, many of Beijing’s attractions do not support online payment, and only accept cash, so when you are to play in Beijing, so do remember just keep a certain amount of cash in your wallet.

Shanghai Disneyland

Going to Shanghai Disneyland can’t take a selfie stick and a large bottle of water/beverage, or too many snacks. Be sure to bring a cup, preferably with a little drink. Because there are a lot of free water available for you to drink in Disney, but it costs 10 Yuan to buy ice water and 15 Yuan to buy drinks. After you take the tickets, you must keep them. Don’t think about taking pictures when you enter the Shanghai Disneyland, and don’t go slowly, be sure to run, run to the left, go to Adventure Island and enjoy flying to the horizon, this is one of Shanghai Disneyland’s most popular projects.

Download the Shanghai Disneyland App one day in advance. The app can tell you the time and place of the show, the queue time of each project, and the navigation. The most important thing is to grab the fast pass on the APP.

For Shanghai Disneyland’s specialty drinks, the one so many visitors bought is Star Diane dew, and it is the grape soda taste. After watching the performance, you can have lunch, it is really expensive to eat in Shanghai Disneyland. After having lunch, you can go to see the indoor performances of the Pirates of the Caribbean, this is also very interesting!

Many people say that visitors of Shanghai Disney are really too many and have a bad experience. But if you play there from 7 am to 10 pm, and spend 15 hours in Shanghai Disneyland, you will really feel satisfied and very happy.

Before you come to Shanghai Disneyland, you must be mentally prepared. You must understand that people will definitely be a lot. Don’t worry, and don’t feel upset, especially in the summer, you must know that it will be very hot. Do a good job of sun protection. When you are hot, going to watch the indoor performance is relieved. It is very necessary to do the travel strategy in advance. Some people said that the Disney queue is very scary, but it all depends, when there are not so many visitors, it won’t take long time to queue, for some people, the one that they queued for the longest time is only more than 30 minutes.

You’d better have always maintained a good attitude in Shanghai Disneyland, and play for what you would like to play, and take pictures as you like. Happiness is the most important thing there.

When you enter Shanghai Disneyland, the staff is very eager to say hello to you. When you leave the Shanghai Disneyland, the staff also warmly said goodbye to you. So just enjoy yourself in Shanghai Disneyland.

The Summer Palace

Before having a visit to the Summer Palace, it’s better for you to check some reviews from other visitors experience there before so as to have simple understanding on The Summer Palace.

The Summer Palace is different from what I originally imagined, as it needs to climb, and it has to climb very high. There is also a legendary old tree at the top of Wanshou Mountain. This trip, I climb and visit the three mountains and five parks, really so enjoyable while feeling tired.

The Summer Palace is very large. Although the Kunming Lake occupies three quarters, the rest is still very large. There are many attractions in the scenic spot, it is easy to get lost. Really, the royal garden is very different. There are a lot of guides inside the Summer Palace, who are a bit annoying. However, the scenery is really beautiful. Thanks to Cixi, who spent a lot of money to rebuild it after it has been burned down for several times, so that we can appreciate it today again.

Tickets are also very cheap for the Summer Palace, but there are a few scenic spots tickets that need to be bought separately. We are afraid of trouble so that we bought the joint ticket. In fact, it is not so necessary to buy the joint ticket. It is not that the point of buying alone is not good, it’s just because you don’t have enough time to visit all the scenic spots within 1 day. We have visited four-fifths of all the spots, we have tried our best, and the other part is too far away at the other end of the lake, so we did not go there, and we have not chosen to take a boat (it can’t easily disembark by boat), and we walked all the way. The scenery on the top of the mountain is great, followed by the 17-hole bridge, Nanhu Island, and the West Bank. They are very beautiful. This is what the fall should look like.

How do you think about the Summer Palace? Just don’t forget adding this scenic spot to your Beijing itinerary when you are planning your travel to Beijing, it will leave you fantastic memory in China.

The Bund

There are 33 buildings on the Bund, some of which are still expropriated by some units. For example, the Bund No. 13 Customs Building, which was built in the 16th year of the Republic of China (1927), is still the residence of Shanghai Customs; the Bund No. 14 Bank of Communications, is the youngest architecture on the Bund, which was completed in the 37th year of the Republic of China (1948) and has been used by the Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions since its establishment. Others are the headquarters of high-ranking banks and insurance companies and high-end hotels, such as the Bund No.1 Asiatic Building, which was built in 1913; the Nisshin Building, also known as the Maritime Building, was built in the 14th year of the Republic of China (1925), and it was originally the building of Nissin company; The HSBC Building, also known as the City Hall, was built in the 14th year of the Republic of China (1925); the British General Assembly, 110.7-foot bar cabinet is the longest in the East, and now it is the Dongfeng Hotel; The Bund No. 19 Confucius Hotel Building today is the Peace Hotel; the Bund No. 22 Shaxun Building, was built in the 18th year of the Republic of China (1929) and is the tallest building on the Bund, but today it also belongs to the Peace Hotel. The Bund No. 3, No. 6, and No. 18 were refurbished and developed into high-end leisure shopping and entertainment venues, which are the coordinates of Shanghai’s luxury consumption.

The Bund is a landmark in Shanghai. It would be a shame to come to Shanghai without looking at the Bund. The beauty of the Bund can be enjoyed in both the day and night. During the day, you can see the buildings of the country on the edge of Pudong Zhongshan East Road. You can see the modern skyscrapers in Pudong Lujiazui. Beautiful river views can be enjoyed at night.

It is very convenient to go to the Bund. Going down the Nanjing East Road of Metro Line 2, you can take a short walk. You can also drive by car. There are parking lots under the Bund. The Bund can be visited from start to finish. If you have the strength, you can go north to Huangpu Park and Waibaidu Bridge. To the south, you can go to the 16-berth wharf and then all the way to Shanghai Old Street and the Old City Temple. You can buy a tour of Pujiang, or you can spend 4RMB on a ferry boat, which is awesome!

The Palace Museum

When having a travel to Beijing, The Palace Museum (known as the Forbidden City) is a must-see attraction. Before going there, just have a review on it from other visitors’ experience there.

The moment when entered the Forbidden City, I was still very excited. I finally can step into the place I could only see in the documentary. I have to say that even though it was just entering the door, I have already felt the royal style. We have been walking into the Forbidden City along the central axis, passing through the Meridian Gate, Jinshui Bridge, Taihe Gate, Hall of Perfect Harmony, Hall of Central Harmony, Hall of Preserving Harmony, Qianqing Gate, Qianqing Palace, Kunning Palace, Royal Garden, Shenwu Gate.

The palaces that passed along the central axis, to the QianQing Palace in the interior, especially the Kunning Palace, have been eclipsed, they are gloomier, but you will have a feeling of crossing the ancient to the modern times. It was the eaves that emperor and the queen who could appreciate it by just raising their heads many years ago. The dragon symbolizing the majesty of the emperor can be seen everywhere in the Forbidden City.

There were so many people visiting The Palace Museum, but the weather was not particularly strong. After a period of cloudy weather, it began to rain for a long time. When the Forbidden City appeared in the torrential rain, the walls were all wet, the stone road was also wet, reflecting the golden roof and the eaves. I especially like these beasts on the eaves of the palaces of the Forbidden City, which give the prim eaves a lot of life. The order of the beasts represents the level of the building, and the higher rank, the more number of beasts on the roof of the building. Later, if you watched various forecourt architectures before from the documentary, you also had to feel the architectural wisdom of the ancients on the Forbidden City.

Walking on the long red wall and the stone road, you can’t help but imagine what it was like when the emperors’ wives passed by in the ancient time. The exit of the Forbidden City Shenwu Gate is directly opposite Jingshan, and when you climb Jingshan, you can see the panoramic view of the Forbidden City.