Shanghai Disneyland

Going to Shanghai Disneyland can’t take a selfie stick and a large bottle of water/beverage, or too many snacks. Be sure to bring a cup, preferably with a little drink. Because there are a lot of free water available for you to drink in Disney, but it costs 10 Yuan to buy ice water and 15 Yuan to buy drinks. After you take the tickets, you must keep them. Don’t think about taking pictures when you enter the Shanghai Disneyland, and don’t go slowly, be sure to run, run to the left, go to Adventure Island and enjoy flying to the horizon, this is one of Shanghai Disneyland’s most popular projects.

Download the Shanghai Disneyland App one day in advance. The app can tell you the time and place of the show, the queue time of each project, and the navigation. The most important thing is to grab the fast pass on the APP.

For Shanghai Disneyland’s specialty drinks, the one so many visitors bought is Star Diane dew, and it is the grape soda taste. After watching the performance, you can have lunch, it is really expensive to eat in Shanghai Disneyland. After having lunch, you can go to see the indoor performances of the Pirates of the Caribbean, this is also very interesting!

Many people say that visitors of Shanghai Disney are really too many and have a bad experience. But if you play there from 7 am to 10 pm, and spend 15 hours in Shanghai Disneyland, you will really feel satisfied and very happy.

Before you come to Shanghai Disneyland, you must be mentally prepared. You must understand that people will definitely be a lot. Don’t worry, and don’t feel upset, especially in the summer, you must know that it will be very hot. Do a good job of sun protection. When you are hot, going to watch the indoor performance is relieved. It is very necessary to do the travel strategy in advance. Some people said that the Disney queue is very scary, but it all depends, when there are not so many visitors, it won’t take long time to queue, for some people, the one that they queued for the longest time is only more than 30 minutes.

You’d better have always maintained a good attitude in Shanghai Disneyland, and play for what you would like to play, and take pictures as you like. Happiness is the most important thing there.

When you enter Shanghai Disneyland, the staff is very eager to say hello to you. When you leave the Shanghai Disneyland, the staff also warmly said goodbye to you. So just enjoy yourself in Shanghai Disneyland.

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