The Summer Palace

Before having a visit to the Summer Palace, it’s better for you to check some reviews from other visitors experience there before so as to have simple understanding on The Summer Palace.

The Summer Palace is different from what I originally imagined, as it needs to climb, and it has to climb very high. There is also a legendary old tree at the top of Wanshou Mountain. This trip, I climb and visit the three mountains and five parks, really so enjoyable while feeling tired.

The Summer Palace is very large. Although the Kunming Lake occupies three quarters, the rest is still very large. There are many attractions in the scenic spot, it is easy to get lost. Really, the royal garden is very different. There are a lot of guides inside the Summer Palace, who are a bit annoying. However, the scenery is really beautiful. Thanks to Cixi, who spent a lot of money to rebuild it after it has been burned down for several times, so that we can appreciate it today again.

Tickets are also very cheap for the Summer Palace, but there are a few scenic spots tickets that need to be bought separately. We are afraid of trouble so that we bought the joint ticket. In fact, it is not so necessary to buy the joint ticket. It is not that the point of buying alone is not good, it’s just because you don’t have enough time to visit all the scenic spots within 1 day. We have visited four-fifths of all the spots, we have tried our best, and the other part is too far away at the other end of the lake, so we did not go there, and we have not chosen to take a boat (it can’t easily disembark by boat), and we walked all the way. The scenery on the top of the mountain is great, followed by the 17-hole bridge, Nanhu Island, and the West Bank. They are very beautiful. This is what the fall should look like.

How do you think about the Summer Palace? Just don’t forget adding this scenic spot to your Beijing itinerary when you are planning your travel to Beijing, it will leave you fantastic memory in China.

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