LingYin Temple

To the Lingyin Temple, the ticket to the Feilai Peak must be bought. When the ticket is checked, the machine will say Amitabha, and it is not “welcome”. The environment of Feilai Peak is very quiet. It requires one ticket for one person to enter into Lingyin Temple. Each person will receive three incenses. The staff will say Amitabha to you. No matter what your faith is, you can sincerely worship for it. Every temple has different worship and different Bodhisattvas, you can make a wish to hope that your family will be healthy and safe. Going back all the way, the temple is getting higher and higher, and there are other temples on the mountain. This environment is really quiet. It is far away from the world. And you will feel that everyone’s words and demeanor have become quiet and solemn, which is probably the emptying of the soul, and the feelings are quite deep when you are having a trip in the Linyin Temple.

When you arrive at the east gate of Lingyin Temple, you will feel that the winding path is quiet. The small flowers, moss and bird songs that lead to the ticket office seem to remind you to temporarily put down your work, troubles and all kinds of unsatisfactory things in life, embrace this fresh air, feel the quiet atmosphere, as when your heart is quiet, it is bliss – This is probably the meaning of the word “Western Heaven”. In the Feilai Peak Scenic Area, Lingyin Temple needs to spend extra 30-yuan fragrant flower coupon to enter.

The Lingyin Temple is very large, and it takes about an hour to look at it. The scenery in front of the temple is already beautiful, and there are so many visitors there. Turn left at the end of the road, it is the entrance to the Tianzhu Temple. After you enter into the temple, behind it is a faint shackle, in front of it is a silence, just like another world.

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