Beijing WTown

Beijing WTown is located on the northeast side of Miyun County, Beijing, about 140 kilometers by car from the center of Beijing. It is an ancient town scenic area which is rebuilt on the basis of the original ancient village. The town is built along the water. Many Ming and Qing dynasties and the Republic of China style mountain courtyards are preserved and built on the streets, which is full of the majestic style of the ancient towns in the north. At the same time, many areas with the characteristics of southern water towns are also built. The environment is simple and elegant.

There are also many unique shops in the town. It is very convenient to eat, live, and shop. You can come to stroll for photography and shopping. It is a good choice for leisure and vacation in the suburbs of Beijing.

Relying on the historical culture left by Simatai, Beijing WTown has conducted in-depth excavation, and has planned a 9-square-kilometer resort as the “six districts and three valleys”. Beijing WTown is a comprehensive characteristic leisure international tourism and vacation destination that combines sightseeing, leisure vacation, business exhibition, creative culture and other tourism formats, with first-class services and facilities, high participation and high experience.

In the resort of the Beijing WTown, there are Ming and Qing and Republican style mountainous courtyard buildings, including 4 boutique hotels, 5 theme hotels, 23 homestay inns, with a total of 1378 rooms, more than 10 cultural exhibition experience areas, featured shops and restaurants and complete supporting service facilities. The night view of Beijing WTown is a must-see in Beijing. This small town built on the basis of the northern water culture and it is becoming a new fashion landmark for Beijing night tour, attracting more and more young people and international tourists to come to enjoy vacation and leisure here. This is also a paradise for photographer and food lovers.

Located in Gubeikou Town, Miyun District, Beijing, Beijing WTown is backed by the Simatai Great Wall and sits on the Yuanyang Lake Reservoir. It is a rare tourist resort combining mountain and water in the suburbs of Beijing. The night view is stunning, just don’t miss it when you are travelling in Beijing.

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