Mudu Ancient Town

Mudu Ancient Town, in the southeast of Jiangsu Province and west of Suzhou Ancient City, is also located in the Taihu Lake Basin. It is a famous scenic spot in the south of the Yangtze River. Mudu Ancient Town is an ancient cultural town of the Han nationality of the same age as Suzhou City, with a history of more than 2,500 years. In August 2008, it was rated as a national AAAA scenic spot and one of the 13 scenic spots in Taihu Scenic Area.

Mudu Ancient Town is a place suitable for 1-day trip. When summer comes, the trees at the town entrance are sprayed with water to cool down. There are 4 attractions on the ticket, except Yanjia Garden, others are not very big. If there is a guide, it is actually better. All the ancient towns or entertainment facilities in Suzhou can help you learn a lot by walking with the guide, but now the technology is more developed, after scanning the code in the scenic spot, you will find there is an electronic guide. You can also listen to it. The introduction is still very careful. The town is not big, and there is convenient transportation, and there are not many tourists, making it a great place suitable for weekend leisure.

There are many famous ancient towns in Suzhou, and Mudu Ancient Town is relatively close to the urban area. It can be reached by subway and bus. Entering the ancient town is free, but some of the ancient gardens require tickets, and you can buy a joint ticket. Feel the charm of Suzhou gardens in various yards in Mudu Ancient Town. Many of the houses here are the former residences of the ancients. Don’t forget to come to see the lotus here in summer.

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