Shaanxi History Museum

The exhibition halls of the Shaanxi History Museum are free to visit, but it only releases 6,000 tickets a day, with 3,000 in the morning and 3,000 in the afternoon. In order to avoid the trouble of queues on the spot or the inability to buy tickets, you can buy the tickets of the Treasure Hall + Exhibition Hall + explanations online in advance. The fare is expensive, but you don’t have to wait in line. The tour guide will take you directly from the side entrance.

There are really many people in the Shaanxi History Museum, and you can only follow the guide to grab the position. The treasures of the Hejiacun Treasure Hall are all from the Tang Dynasty, and each one is very delicate.

From the beginning of the Stone Age, the exhibition hall has gone through the Qin, Han, and Tang Dynasty. Each dynasty has its own characteristics, but no matter which dynasty it is, every treasure that can be called a national treasure that is extremely skillful and flexible in using modern physics means, and coupled with outstanding artistry, to make the treasure very practical and appreciable.

When you are visiting the Treasure Hall, you must get the explanation, or you can’t figure out the essence of five thousand years.

The cost for the explanation:

1. Manual explanation: 100 yuan for basic Chinese explanation, 150 yuan for English or Japanese explanation; 50 yuan for Chinese explanation of special exhibition in Datang, and 100 yuan for English or Japanese explanation of special exhibition in Datang; 50 yuan for Chinese explanation of the Tang Dynasty murals hall. A commentator can lead up to 10 visitors.

2. Automatic audio guide: There are Chinese, English, French, Japanese, and Korean language explanations; and it has a Chinese student version, which is convenient for children to listen to. Fees: The deposit is 100 yuan, the basic display hall rent is 30 yuan/set, and the basic display hall and special exhibition in Datang are 30 yuan/set. The disadvantage is that the response speed is fast, and there are inaudible phenomena when people are noisy.

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