Santa Claus is coming to… Hong Kong?

Hong Kong may not be a place you would think to spend the holidays, but a visit to this historic trade city offers a chance to put an eastern twist on a western tradition.

Santa Claus is coming to… Hong Kong?

Each year as December approaches its end, Hong Kong’s skyline takes on a festive air. Christmas imagery adorns the towering walls of city skyscrapers, while at street-level holiday decorations abound. It is impossible not to notice the commercialism that drives this activity; it is fascinating to see the degree to which this far eastern metropolis has embraced the “Christmas Spirit”.

One of the most apparent ways in which this spirit manifests is the shopping activity.

Every year, Hong Kong’s famous shopping malls out do themselves with extravagant Christmas displays and holiday sales. Hong Kong’s theme parks also do their best to spread the holiday cheer, with Santa and his reindeer making regular visits at Ocean Park and Disneyland’s gingerbread village.

Although Hong Kong celebrates its annual Winterfest during this period, it really feels more like spring or early autumn. In fact, the cool, dry weather makes winter one of the best times to visit this famously hot and humid city, as you can comfortably enjoy a range of outdoor activities.

While Hong Kong is well known for its densely packed urban landscape, people often overlook the incredible beaches countryside just outside the city. Nearly 40% of Hong Kong’s land has been preserved in the form of parks and nature reserves, making it an unlikely destination for sports such as hiking, surfing and mountain biking.

Santa Claus is coming to… Hong Kong?

As no holiday is complete without a proper feast, be sure to explore the rich food culture that has earned this city nicknames such as “Gourmet Paradise” and “World’s Fair of Food”. With the highest concentration of Michelin star restaurants of anywhere in the world, Hong Kong offers fine dining options that range from international cuisine to local dim sum favorites.Whether you’re in the mood for south Asian cuisine or New York style pizza, you can find the best of it here.

If it’s a more traditional Christmas dinner that you’re after, you’re in luck. Every Christmas, Hong Kong’s hotels compete among themselves to see who can provide the most delicious holiday spread.

So this year, why not have a very Hong-Kong holiday?



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