Mutinyu Great Wall

After arriving at Mutianyu Great Wall, you first need to take a shuttle bus (15 yuan for two way) to reach the Great Wall ticketing outlet. Mutianyu Great Wall tickets are 45 yuan per person. At the same time, it is recommended to choose a two-way cable car or take the ropeways up the mountain. Because if you choose to walk up the mountain, you have to walk around 700 steps, which is equivalent to climbing 50 floors. After boarding the Mutianyu Great Wall, you are exhausted, and basically have no strength to reach the No. 20 beacon tower at the highest point of the Great Wall in Mutianyu. Therefore, taking a cable car or ropeways is an important tool to help you achieve your desire to climb the Mutianyu Great Wall. Cable cars and ropeways are optional according to your wishes, and it is highly recommended taking the cable cars for the following reasons:

No. 1: High security. No.2: The angle is high and you can take a bird’s eye view of the Mutianyu Great Wall. No. 3: you will arrive at the 14th beacon, which is the nearest to the beacon on the highest point: 20th beacon.

The No. 20 beacon tower of the Mutianyu Great Wall is the highest point of the entire Mutianyu Great Wall scenic spot, but it is not the highest point of the Great Wall. Because when you pass the No. 20 beacon tower, you will arrive at the “unrepaired ancient Great Wall”. The scenic area has a wall here and does not let the tourists pass. But because the wall is not high, there are still many tourists who are willing to continue exploring.

Therefore, if your physical strength is ok, then go through this wall and go to the No. 23 beacon tower. Between the No. 21 beacon tower and the No. 22 beacon tower, the slope will slowly slow down, and you will begin to touch the “Great Wall of History”, as the old bricks of the remains are showing a historical vicissitudes.

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