Easy Weekend Getaways from Shanghai

Shanghai is a showstopper. Magnificent architecture, fascinating history, glitzy shopping malls, and every cuisine you could possibly imagine. But after a few days rushing around to see the best of what the ‘Paris of the East’ has to offer, you might be in need of a little break. Whether you’re looking to extend your AsiaTravel journey, or are a Shanghai resident simply looking for the perfect getaway, we’ve put together our top reasons for escaping the city and where to find them.  

Easy Weekend Getaways from Shanghai

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Escape Shanghai for Beautiful Natural Scenery…

Arriving from Shanghai, The Yellow Mountain‘s (Huangshan) landscape of jagged peaks and rock-hugging clouds will leave you breathless – or maybe it was just that trek up? Whether you decide to tackle the mountains physically, or slightly more gently with the help of the cable car, you’re sure to be rewarded with stunning natural views and a sense of amazement. With hikes that will take you past the likes of Xihai Grand Canyon and Lotus Peak, escaping from Shanghai for a weekend to Huangshan will give you that refreshing and needed break (as well as some sci-fi-esque snaps to take home). Less than 5 hours away from Shanghai by bullet train, this is a great add-on to any trip.

On a AsiaTravel journey to Huangshan, your local guide will also help you to discover UNESCO-listed villages once home to prosperous tea and salt merchants who developed an elaborately decorative architectural style unique to this region.

Easy Weekend Getaways from Shanghai

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Escape Shanghai for Chinese Imperialism at its Finest…

The cities of Suzhou and Hangzhou are just a short bullet-train ride away from Shanghai. With traditional Chinese gardens at every corner, Suzhou is the perfect place to unwind and lose yourself in a green oasis unheard of in Shanghai. Alternatively, enjoy the calmness afforded by the shores of Hangzhou’s West Lake. In both cities, you’ll find space to unwind in beautiful surroundings while living and breathing the remnants of a China past.

Soak it all in and relax whilst sampling some of the emperor’s favorite tea or stroll along the canals of Suzhou and learn how wealthy merchants, officials and scholars commissioned gardens where rocks, trees, ponds and pavilions convene harmoniously to depict an idealized China in miniature.

Easy Weekend Getaways from Shanghai

Escape Shanghai for Delicate Artistry…

Looking for something a little bit different? Escape Shanghai to Jingdezhen, the home of Chinese porcelain. This city is simply ceramics mad, with workshops, studios and markets aplenty. It’s the place to indulge in your creative side.

In Jingdezhen, the tradition of fine porcelain goes back over 1,700 years. Jingdezhen ceramics are famous for being “as thin as paper, as white as jade, as bright as a mirror, and as sound as a bell.” On top of watching and learning how to create delicate porcelain, on a AsiaTravel journey you’ll discover more about its past. Jingdezhen provided ancient Chinese emperors with exquisite palatial ornaments, as well as supplying a clandestine trade route of porcelain to Europe. Just a short one-hour flight from Shanghai, this trip will leave you the expert in all things ‘china.’ 

So, whether you have a few days to spare after visiting Shanghai, or are looking for a weekend getaway, consider leaving the bustling metropolis for some excellent destinations in the surrounding area. What’s more, with improved transport links it’s even possible to tie a few of these options into the same trip. Get in touch with one of our experienced travel designers to find out how.   

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