Birds Nest

Let’s talk about admission of the Birds Nest first. When there are no performances, no games, the Birds Nest will only open a few doors. And you can get off at the Olympic Sports Center on the 8th line or at the Olympic Park or Beitucheng, which is a kilometer trip or so. You can find a place to buy a ticket by walking around the Birds Nest. The cheapest ticket of the Birds Nest is 80 Yuan (it looks like that you can’t visit the fifth floor). For the ticket of 120 Yuan (you can visit the fifth floor and the sixth floor, the second floor and the first floor). The fifth floor shows some of the costumes that were performed at the time, and the exhibited some historical items. When you get in the first floor, it was the athlete’s passage at that time, and there were some video recordings of the games that could be viewed directly. For visiting the air corridor, you need to buy tickets separately. If you like the Olympics or sports, the fare is OK. Tickets for other attractions in Beijing are cheaper. The fifth floor is closed at around 17:00 pm, so it is best to go there early.

It is also a must-go place when you come to Beijing. For the National Stadium, you can watch the night scene at night, which features different beauty, and the time and travel are also appropriate. Taking bus is very convenient, whether visiting from north to south or from south to north, it is very reasonable.

The Birds Nest is beautiful, and the building is very special. There are many tourists and the photos are beautiful. Some people feel that there is no need to buy tickets to enter the venue, and it is good to take pictures outside. The transportation is very convenient as it is the subway at the exit. Here you can experience the feeling of welcome to the Olympics Beijing, and you can come with your family and children!

It’s really spectacular to see the lights in the evening of the Birds Nest. It’s really too big to imagine. There are too many brilliant buildings around the birds nest, and you will feel that you are very small. You can still see a lot of scenery during the day.

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