Barkhor Street

Barkhor Street is a street that shows the Tibetan customs. Here you can feel the customs of the Tibetan area, and it is mainly surrounded by shops and restaurants around the Jokhang Temple and the places where you can manage all kinds of small objects. Here what you will feel more is the devout worship of the Tibetans, and the shops on both sides are for sale the decorations that feature a variety of Tibetan style. Walking in a clockwise direction, you will find several exits that can be reached in different directions to the city of Lhasa. The transportation in all directions makes the Barkhor Street the busiest and bustling street.

There are some seats placed on both sides of the street. When you are tired, you can take a break. Especially during the Chinese New Year, there are more Tibetans who come to kowtow to pray. These seats really help a lot of people. You will feel happy when you see them kowtowing happily there.

On the back of the Jokhang Temple, there is the most famous Makye Ame. The legend about the beauty of the Sixth Dalai Cangyang Gyatso attracts many diners. It is not necessarily for eating, but for an atmosphere, even if standing in the restaurant on the second floor, you can imagine how Cangyang Gyatso at that time came out of the palace and went to drink alcohol for a date.

Of course, here you can also buy some favorite Tibetan style ornaments, turquoise, Nanjiang carnelian, Dzi Beads, etc., all of ornaments showing the beauty of Tibet can be almost found here, if you have patience, you can have a good chat with the owner, and the price will be very acceptable too.

At night, the wind sound of the Barkhor Street is very loud, the people there are very quiet, the best order is in the city of Lhasa, and what left there are peace and tranquility.

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