AsiaTravel sponsors Kawa Karpo Expedition

AsiaTravel, alongside Outpost Magazine, Revo, Mountain Hardwear, and ZoomerMedia, is sponsoring a once-in-a lifetime journey, The Kawa Karpo Expedition.  Leaving next week, AsiaTravel expert & good friend, Jeff Fuchs will be leading this expedition.

AsiaTravel sponsors Kawa Karpo Expedition

Fuchs, a longtime resident of Shangrila and Explorer Club member, has a longtime fascination with lost trade routes and sacred Tibetan mountains.  With this journey to Kawa Karpo, Fuchs, alongside Bill Roberts of Zoomermedia, aim to immerse in “a journey along an ancient pilgrimage-trade route, a journey to recapture and peek into an ancient route when mules and men (and mountains) were inseparable. ”

AsiaTravel sponsors Kawa Karpo ExpeditionAsiaTravel sponsors Kawa Karpo Expedition

Speaking to Fuchs on the phone earlier today, he is hard at work putting on pre-expedition pounds and eagerly awaiting the arrival of Roberts and videographer Roberto Gibbon Gomez.  At the moment, Fuchs imagines the expedition will take 9-12 days to complete, depending on weather.

Stay tuned right here on the AsiaTravel blog to track the Kawa Karpo Expedition. Fuchs will be sending photos and stories via sat phone while on the trail!


If Jeff Fuchs’ journey sounds right up your alley, AsiaTravel is offering an expert-led trip with Fuchs exploring The Ancient Tea and Horse Caravan from April 11-20, 2012. Sign up now!

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