West Lake

The West Lake, located in the west of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, is one of the first national key scenic spots in China and one of China’s top ten scenic spots. It is one of the main ornamental freshwater lakes in mainland China. This West Lake is very suitable for those couple who are falling in love to have a visit for dating. How can you not go to West Lake when you are at Hangzhou? A lot of people think that the fall of the West Lake is the most beautiful, although there are no spring blossoms, the colorful leaves can bring out the beauty of the West Lake. However, if you are not color control, you can also try to shoot the effect like those Chinese painting. Walking around the West Lake under the comfortable sunshine, looking at the broken bridge, the crowd is moving, but you will feel the bridge is even smaller.

The West Lake is very big. It will take not just one day or two days to complete appreciating the ten scenes of the West Lake. The quiet West Lake is like a girl who is lying still, looking green and beautiful. The West Lake is surrounded by mountains on three sides, the middle culverts are clear, the lake is wrapped in mountains, and the mountains and lakes are so beautiful that they complement each other. The beauty of the West Lake is that it is glittering in the enjoyable weather, and it is hazy in the rain, but it can be beautiful scenery no matter it is in the rain, snow, cloudy day or sunny day.

If you come to West Lake in the earlier summer, you will find that the lotus leaf is only a little big, but it has the special charm. The impression that the West Lake gave a lot of tourist was that it is a place full of poetry and painting.

The broken bridge is continuous, the lonely mountain is not alone, and the long bridge is not long. The West Lake worth a visit. If you want to take a boat on the lake, do remember to bring cash.

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