Top 3 Hotels on the Bund

A buzzing hub of energy, industry and innovation, Shanghai can be both exhilarating and exhausting, which is why it pays to stay in one of the city’s justifiably famous luxury hotels.

Famous for its roaring ‘20s jazz history, Shanghai today stands as one of the world’s most significant financial centers. As Shanghai grows in stature, more and more global brands are leaving their mark on the city, and finding new ways to deliver luxurious accommodation to their guests.

The area known as the Bund is the crème de la crème of Shanghai. Similar to staying on Park Avenue in New York City, the Bund is the embodiment of the city’s high society. To put it plainly, the Bund is where you want to be to make the most of your trip to Shanghai.

To help make your choice easier, here are a few of the best hotels on The Bund:

Top 3 Hotels on the Bund

1. The Peninsula Hotel, Shanghai

Style and glamour are the watchwords of the Peninsula Hotel’s Shanghai branch. The historic Peninsula hotel was the first new building to be built on the Bund in over seventy years. There hasn’t been new construction since 1932 when the Bank of China was completed.The beautiful colonial style building at the Bund was purposely built from the ground up to house the hotel. Guests will enjoy sweeping views of the iconic Pudong skyline and the Bund from both the rooms and the opulent rooftop bar. Since opening in 2009, The Peninsula Shanghai has gone from award to award, and was voted the Best City Hotel in Asia by readers of Travel + Leisure magazine in 2015.

Top 3 Hotels on the Bund

  • 2. Waldorf Astoria on the Bund

The Waldorf Astoria hotels have been named the greatest of them all by Conrad Hilton, a man who knows his hotels. The Waldorf Astoria on the Bund is actually the first purpose-build Waldorf Astoria Hotel outside of the United States, proving the allure of the Bund. A 12 minute walk from Shanghai’s famous Yu Garden, the Waldorf Astoria in Shanghai embraces the hard won international reputation of the brand for delivering unapologetically grand and luxurious accommodation. Offering stunning views of the Pudong Skyline and a host of impeccable facilities, the Waldorf Astoria on the Bund lives up to its stated goal of combining the history and culture of the celebrated Shanghai Bund with a taste for 21st century sophistication.

Top 3 Hotels on the Bund 3. Fairmont Peace Hotel

In contrast to the Asia-wide or international brands above, the Fairmont Peace Hotel stands out as an historically Shanghai based institution. Situated on the Bund with breathtaking views and easy access to the city centre, the Fairmont Peace Hotel owes its status as one of the best hotels in Shanghai not only to its location and quality, but also to its history.

At its beginning it was one of the first large skyscrapers built in the Eastern Hemisphere. After the Communist party came to power in 1949, the building was used by the Municipal Finance Committee. Much later, during the Cultural Revolution the hotel was used by the notorious Gang of Four as their headquarters.

The Old Jazz Band of the Hotel was also used as the basis for a movie, “As Time Goes By” a film by Uli Gaulke. After 3 years of renovations between 2007 and 2010, the modern Fairmont Peace Hotel was born.

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