Tianmen Mountain

Tianmen Mountain is named after the natural wonder “Tianmen Cave”. When you visit Tianmen Mountain, you must take the 7500-meter cableway. You can enjoy the view of the Tongtian Avenue and the mountains hovering between the cliffs in the cable car. If you are brave, you can take a walk on the glass path that is suspended from the wall and experience the thrill of volley walking.

Tianmen Mountain is only 8 kilometers away from the Zhangjiajie City. The Tianmen Cave in the mountain is a natural mountain cave. The local people think that it can directly reach the heavens. For ordinary tourists, Tianmen Cave is not open all year round. In the winter season, due to snowy roads, Tianmen Cave and Tongtian Avenue (99-bends Winding Highway) leading to Tianmen Cave will be closed.

The station of getting off the Tianmen Mountain Cableway is located in Guanliping, Yongding District. The station of getting on the cableway is the top of Tianmen Mountain. There is also a “middle station” on the sightseeing cableway, where you can change to the scenic eco-car to Tianmen Cave.

The ancient trees are everywhere in the Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area, and the vines are entangled. The landscape is divided into several main areas such as Tianmen Cave, Middle Line, East Line and West Line Scenic Area. Visitors can choose different routes and areas to play according to you own preferences and physical strength.

The core attraction of the center line is the Tianmenshan Temple, and there is a “Qier Cave” near the temple. The folklore sends a goddess of Guanyin here, and wishes to ask for children; the highlight of the west line is a 60-meter-long “glass plank road” built on the cliffs, the roads under the feet are all made of transparent glass. Walking on top, you can see the deep valley under your feet. You will feel the joy of walking in the air. The east line is dominated by virgin forests, and now it is also 150 meters long glass plank road.

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